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Throttle is already having a hot start to 2017. Pumping our quality tracks left and right, his latest remix of 'Castle on the Hill' is absolutely amazing.


L.A. duo Onda makes a splash onto the scene with their first track, a remix of THEY’s singl;e “Back It Up.” Download it now here.Onda may be a new duo but you wouldn’t guess it from their remix of THEY’s “Back It Up.” A blend of tropical vibes and a bass beat make this a perfect candidate for your Spring Break playlist. Check it out below. THEY. - Back It Up (Onda Remix) soundcloud This L.A. duo may only have 4 tweets and 15 followers to their name but with over 14 thousand plays in the past 2 days, it’s clear that people are taking notice of Onda. A Latin party vibe underlies this track, which will have everyone shaking their hips and drinking their mojitos in the starry nights on the beach. If you’re the dancing type, the beat is perfect for the fast-paced salsa or rumba as the bass and horns hit the off-notes. If it isn’t quite catching your ear at first, give it some listens and pretty soon you’ll be joining the crowd in the dance party. This remix is available for free download now, so pick up your copy, throw it in a playlist and dance the night away to this new duo. If you want more information, check out their twitter and keep an eye on their website as Onda releases more tracks. Is it Spring Break yet?


Kasum gives away new remix of Third Eye Blind as a thank you to his fans for the support on his Flo Rida remix.


Danielle turns the clock back to summer with her remix of Freedom Fry's "Shaky Ground". Grab the Free Download on Only The Beat!