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The Wine & Cheese Party Playlist

Friday, November 11, 2016

Good things come in pairs. Obvious go-to of wine and cheese aside, songs also tend to pair well with each other. I speak from experience when I say that, a big part of being a DJ is knowing what two tracks will compliment each other well. So when the organizers of this Saturday's Wine & Cheese Party at Multiply in LA contacted me with their track pairings, I've got to say that I was intrigued. Wine and Cheese Party Image Each DJ; Luvberger, Colby J, Yacub, Tōks, and Travor have each offered a number of tracks that pair well together along with a few words about each pairing. If you're free this Saturday, tickets are available here. I'll be there along with a whole bunch of the Only The Beat staff, including our resident DJ FelyxSnow and contributors Jordann, and our newest team addition, Dawn. If you're coming, be sure to say hi to at least one of us! Luvberger These two tracks reminds me of the classic chianti and manchego pairings. Peep this Cat represents the manchego in this case, it has firm tones coupled with a buttery groove.Whereas El Boss is the chianti its simple and sharp and flows well with the more complicated Peep this Cat.   This pairing is similar to the bold but beautiful Merlot and Gouda partnership. Each track has unique and distinct flavors that go down smoothly leaving your ears fully satisfied.   This pairing is represented by the tantalizing combination of Pinot Noir and Sharp Vermont Cheddar. The Pinot Noir is embodied by The Shapeshifter is strong and complex but not overwhelming. Agenou acts as the Sharp Vermont Cheddar its straight to the point drums and a thick bass line.   Colby J For me it's all about a smooth, full bodied transition, like a robust Cabernet Sauvignon that's been aerated and seamlessly transferred to your wine glass. The Jay Shepheard x Pete Herbert tune paves the way for the acid breaks in the Nice7 remix of Romanthony  and maintains a fine balance between an increase in energy and melodic supplementation with the infamous Daft Punk vocals as sung by Romanthony. Like a really pungent hearty cheese, I love a good chunky rolling bass line with a synth rhythm that blasts you off to the cosmos. These two tunes mixed together is like slicing into some fresh baked brie as both ooze with emotion and a fulfilling four on the floor sensation. Yacub It’s the punchy groove that carries Maya Jane Coles’ remix of The Acid’s “Ghost”, but when paired with Serge Devant’s remix of Jonas Rathsman’s “Complex”, you find a symbolic dance of depth. The subtle back tones draw out hidden flavors in each track. The silky vocals of “Ghost” complement the opulent taste of the “Complex” vocal breaks, driving the desire for another taste. andhim’s “Domplatte” and Rampue’s “Leporidae” provide down-tempo energy built off a simple but addictive melodic riff. It’s the pairing of Domplatte’s repetitive energy that builds to make Laporidae’s crisp synths come alive as they play off each other’s rhythm. This pairing is full bodied with subtle but elegant vocals carried by the harmonious rhythm of each track. Travor I think it’s safe to say we could all use some uplifting words right now, and Aki Bergen’s  collaboration with smooth-talking spoken word poet Lazarusman “Get Better” provides exactly that. Lazarusman’s signature voice encourages a positive mindset, reminding you that the days will only get better when you decide for them to be better. “Get Better” expresses Lazarusman’s positive message and smooth voice over a classic deep house influenced beat and a driving bassline. Eke’s remix of Moti Brothers’ track “Underground” matches the melancholic vibe of “Get Better” and features a more melodic vocal sample that plays well off of Lazarusman’s spoken words, providing a pairing stirs up emotional sentiment akin to sharing good food and drink like a fine wine & cheese with the people closest to you. “Light The Way” by Plant43 channels an eerie vibe off that bat, offering breakbeat percussion and an understated tone that reveals complexities in its minimal production. Bicep’s Acid Dub of "In Yer Face” contrasts the smoothness of Light The Way with punchy lo-fi kicks and snares but shares the similar veiled nuances and vibe. Just as a good pairing of wine and cheese relies on matching the complexities of both, Light The Way and In Yer Face work well together as both seem simple on their face but become more intricate as you listen deeper. "Between Your Arms" and Matt Tolfrey's mix of "Good Man" are two of those tracks that HAVE to be played together, if I'm going to play either one-- they just match each other's energy so seamlessly. "Between Your Arms" has a soft female vocal sample while "Good Man" features a melodically spoken male voice that really makes it sound like the two tracks are talking to each other. Throw in complementing bass lines and a break beat drop on "Good Man' and you get a combo that always gets toes tappin' Tōks This rhythm and energy-centric pairing is both subtle and explosive for peak-time situations. One can sneak in the top end of "Reflecting My Psychedelic Visions" without anyone noticing, then flip the bass for a ripping vibe. Think of it like this - a cunning, sneaky snake (the song) is creeping up on a little unsuspecting mouse (the dance floor), and boom (!) the snake kills it, just like that. These are two gems from two fantastic producers. The lead synth and pads from "Chrysalism" work together with the "For A Memory" vocal chops and textures like an eagle taking flight through crisp mountain air, gracefully elevating itself and its consciousness into a higher dimension. You're relaxed and introspective as you sit in front of the fire in the middle of a desert with a few other good humans, all is calm and quiet. With a soft gaze, you notice the cold night slipping into day, and a sense of understanding overwhelms you as the warmth pulses against your body and soul. "OAR003-B" with "Happy Hunting Ground" is that sunrise.