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Weird, Whacky and WTF Music Videos

It's hard to miss hearing these amazing tracks on the radio and at festivals, but have you seen the whacky videos behind them? Check out four music videos that you probably haven't seen, but definitely should:

Jack - Breach

This video will make you say "WTF" while you hair grow miraculously and dance to the dirty beat. And just when you thought things couldn't get weirder, gingers are thrown into the mix. Directed by Sacred Egg for Riff Raff Films, two dancers make some amazing hairpieces come alive. Breach, also known as British producer Ben Westbeech, released this music video in July of 2013 through Dirtybird Records. You might remember hearing this track from last year's Ultra Music Festival when Laidback Luke dropped it, transforming the track into an unofficial anthem. The track's hypnotic lyrics instantly stick in your head...and the only way to get them out is to hit the dance floor. Ben admits to creating the track in only four hours, aiming to produce a sexier track than his earlier "Let's Get Hot" for Claude VonStroke. Coming from a long background in music, it's no wonder "Jack" took off as an instant hit of last summer. DJing at the mature age of 12 and mastering the cello as well as singing in choirs, Ben has acquired a taste for the full music spectrum. Waking up one morning with the lyrics for "Breach" in his head, Ben recorded the vocals on his cell phone and headed straight to the studio for the rest. Yep, that's Ben singing - with a whole lot of vocal processing!

Gecko (Overdrive) - Oliver Helden ft. Becky Hill

This is about as WTF as music videos get when the tentacles of love turn alien. An instant deep house hit released this May, Oliver's already golden track soared to the top of the charts when Becky Hill's vocals were added. Perhaps the video's meaning isn't as deep as the song's disco groove, but this house wife sure goes deep inside a cake. Does she put you in overdrive?

Sweat - Major Lazer ft. Laidback Luke & Ms. Dynamite

Major Lazer videos are known for choreography as crazy as well as their drumbeats. In "Lose Yourself", girls shake it in neon club outfits that look like Star Trek suits with sexier cutouts. "Jet Blue Jet" features intoxicating clouds of psychedelic smoke. The video for "Sweat" keeps up the same eye-catching neon trend like a wild ride through Disney's Space Mountain . Directed by Ryan Staake, the same director for the recent hit "My Love" by Route 94 ft. Jess Glynne, is skilled with the camera. The video for "My Love" is shot entirely using a FLIR thermal camera which casts the neon shadows of bodies against a black background, similar to how neon makeup and paint outlines the dancers in "Sweat".

Director Ryan Staake's "My Love" vs. "Sweat" videos

"Sweat" is the last song on Major Lazer's album "Free the Universe" to get a video. Working with Diplo in the past, Ryan Staake decided to take a more...clothed approach to the video for "Sweat" to turn down the sexiness. Similar to his previous video for Diplo's "Set It Off" ft. Lazerdisk Party Sex (yes, the video is as sexy as the name sounds - YouTube even warns you before viewing it), Staake has a unique way to illuminate "Sweat",  using only black lights in filming. But don't worry, you can still see every hip pop and booty twerk. Why does Staake choose neon sweat? He explains:
"There's this weird almost alien quality to the early vocal and instrumental in the track, and I liked how blacklight and fluorescent paint/makeup has this inherently alien quality - everyday things just don't look at all like we're used to seeing in a normal visible light." 

Face of God - R/D ft. Nadine Risha

Perhaps not so popular (but really good), this tune will get you moving. Tie-dyed hair, body paint and a New Age religious theme all make this music video directed by SuzE Q  and Matthew F. Smith (who has also filmed Bassnectar at Red Rocks) quite the trip. Kaleidoscopic contortions around a shrine form geometric patterns out of bending human bodies for one artistic video. R/D, a DJ/producer from San Francisco who will only identify himself as R.D., has been gaining ground in the EDM world since 2009. His unique take on dubstep, called "lovestep" by fans, features soft, angelic voices with haunting dubstep drops. He's toured with ill.Gates, played at festivals including the Electric Forest and remixed The Glitch Mob. Download his latest EP, "Cloud Pound" off his Facebook page. .  

Butter's Theme - Diplo ft. Gents & Jawns

Director Rueben Dangor calls it "a trippy mess I created for producer Diplo" and this video has one interesting story behind it. Diplo claims Flo Rida ripped off not only the track but the video as well in "Can't Believe It" ft. Pitbull. The reportedly stolen track does sound remarkably close to "Butter's Theme" with the same hypnotic beat and kaleidoscopic bodies. Flo Rida's explanation? They never saw Diplo's production. What makes this copycat conundrum even more confusing - turns out there's a third video! The duo Infinity Ink based out of London put out "Infinity", a track whose beat undoubtedly was influenced by both Diplo and Flo Rida with one trippy video to match. Who copied who? You be the judge:

Can't Believe It - Flo Rida ft. Pitbull

Leave it to the most mainstream rap duo Flo Rida with equally unoriginal companion Pitbull to put out something as over the top as this video. Taking Director Dangor's sequences of trippy belly dancers and transforming the bassline into a buttline, Flo Rida's rip off of our fave EDM artists looks like Florida suffered one bootylicious invasion. Butts on ice cream cones...are you serious? The vocals are as bad as the visuals, enjoy:

Infinity - Infinity Ink

Directed by Dawn Shadforth in the U.K., Infinity's Ink video to their own bassline doesn't even need to be defended for quality over booty. Shadforth has directed videos for Florence + the Machines, Kylie Minogue, Hurts and Garbage. The directors of "Can't Believe It" lack any previous film history. Who sampled who? Let's let Infinity Ink shed some light: And Diplo's more succinct response: