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UZ Hints at Upcoming LP with "Million Dollar Bills"

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Alex Blake

UZ, the trap music mastermind behind Quality Goods Records and his now legendary Trap Sh*t series, has released his latest single, Million Dollar Bills, featuring the vocalist Gia. UZ has few rivals when it comes to his skills with the 808s and was incredibly influential when trap was exploding circa 2012. There are few artists who can claim the influence UZ had on both the trap genre and electronic music as a whole (I mean, what other 2011-2012 tracks do you still find slipped into trap sets in 2017 besides MAYBE Major Lazer's Original Don and TNGHT's Higher?). His minimalist, but eccentric style, combined with almost an intuitive understanding of 808 driven rhythm has made UZ and his sound paradigmatic as a foundation for trap music generally. I'll be honest, as what I would somewhat ridiculously consider an "UZ Purist," I was a little apprehensive of a vocalist appearing on his tracks. I'm used to deep, sub-bass, a bizarre synth, maybe a couple of those bed-spring squeaky noises, and a gunshot or two arranged in such a way that it strikes the listener as the most essential elements of a trap track. A vocalist would just add noise to the already refined perfection, right? But, I was wrong. In Million Dollar Bills, UZ teams up with Gia, whose track Only a Girl UZ remixed back in 2015, and delivers a single that demonstrates UZ's growth as an artist and producer as well as the versatility of the trap genre itself. With his eyes ultimately on developing a series of tracks that fit within the framework of an LP, Million Dollar Bills adds emotion and color to an otherwise party-oriented genre. Described as rife with brooding intensity, Gia's raw sensuality, and UZ's signature low end chords and drum ripples, the track is truly a majestic finished product.

UZ - Million Dollar Bills ft. Gia

Moreover, and luckily for me on the east coast, UZ has also embarked on a Quality Goods Tour, to showcase the artists who have come under the umbrella of his newly formed label. I have been starved for an UZ show since he randomly played a Chinese food place (I know, bizarre venue, but totally awesome) under a bridge here in NYC. And while he does make his festival appearances every once in a while (I saw him at Electric Zoo a couple years back after the Chinese food thing), it simply doesn't compare to the smaller, more intimate shows that really highlight the true atmosphere and ambiance of his tracks.   While some believe trap and UZ's significance as a true trap lord may be waning (such as this THUMP article that I in many ways agree with), I'm still very excited to see what the masked mastermind has to bring us in the future. So, be sure to check out Million Dollar Bills, and if you're lucky enough to have UZ come to a city near you, grab your tickets and see what kind of show one of the OG's of trap music puts on.

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