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USC Events Full Lucky 2014 Lineup and Updated Festival Information

Phase 2 Lineup Realase

Here is our Lucky Phase 1 Lineup post in case you missed it! Now on to bigger and some would say better things. Today USC Events released the second phase of their Lucky lineup and it was stacked. The following artists were announced: Candyland, Clockwork, Darude, Diplo & DJ Snake B2B, DJ Dan, GTA, Kill Paris, Michael Woods, Norin & Rad, and Shogun. As well as local favorites: FooFou, Gravity Lift, Johnny Monsoon, Matt Waters, Sidestep, & Tyler Brown. Alongside Phase 1 Artists: 3Lau, Bro Safari, Firebeatz, Griz, Heatbeat, Juventa, Kill The Noise, Loadstar, Sander Van Doorn, and Showtek. You can still enter to win tickets via our giveaway by clicking here.


Ticket/Locker Information

Tickets on Ticketmaster are currently $85.55 for GA and VIP for $152.80, or at the box office for $61. Lockers will go on sale on Valentine's Day which come with a complimentary free 60 minute cell phone charge.


The attractions page for Lucky is rather mysterious however they have stated that we can "Explore the lush landscape where you may gaze up at aerial fairy creatures, dance between the legs of a giant, or even find a special four-leaf clover hidden deep in the crowd!"  As well as, "over the top production elements" and "magical creatures dancing late into the night."


As a part of the message, USC also brings us the following tips will help you have a safe and excellent evening.

Remember These Important Tips:

  • Water equals life.  We have free water flowing throughout the venue to replenish your body and keep you hydrated all night long.
  • On the dance floor, we're all best friends. Keep an eye out for our volunteer rovers who'll lend a hand if needed.
  • Our staff, security and medics never judge, so talk to them if you need help or see someone who does.
  • People who get into drug or alcohol trouble at events are often with friends who don't know what to do. Get help. Washington State law protects you.
  • Let's act responsibly. We are a community and we need to set our own boundaries.
  • Take care of each other. If you see someone who could use help, don't just walk by. Stop and talk.
  • Burning calories takes energy. Your body needs dinner before the fun begins. Vendors will be available if you get hungry through the night.
  • The music doesn't stop, but you should. Take breaks and pace yourself, dancing is hard work!
  • It's best to plan ahead so you have a safe and easy ride ready at the end of the night. If your plan falls through, our staff can help you make arrangements to get home.
  • We care about you when you're gone. Our culture is all about celebrating life. Keep the vibes positive and we'll see you next time!