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Underdog Spotlight: Brian Flinn

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Brian Flinn Feature

This edition of Underdog Spotlight is on Kansas' own Brian Flinn who is quickly making a name for himself on the global stage. Need a pick-me-up? Wait for the drop. The bass hits and the floor erupts!  It's one thing to say it but you have to hear it for yourself. Here is his fresh beatport release deserving all our support: Most Recent  "Ultra Violet" Feb 2014 Still shaking from the electricity of this track! "Ultra Violet" is another one of those tracks, the ones you rush to ID on the dance floor. Mesmerizing synth work in the breakdown, almost weaving a huge blanket out of the 100hz-5khz frequency range. Nothing is as riveting as a well EQ'd saw bass, IMO. Beautiful and full noise rises coupled with hard snare hits and synth stabs leading up to pure saw-bass heaven. Thankfully for us, in this version, Armin keeps us informed. Most Popular "Secret Society" (Brian Flinn Remix) Mar 2013 Now that's a hard hitter. The production in his remix of Phil Taylor's "Secret Societies" is top-notch. His instrument isn't only his various synths and software, but also our emotions. Brian does an amazing job at creating suspense, raising anticipation and destroying the floor with a brutal drop. Electro artists should take a lesson because of  the genius use of the higher 10k frequencies. Fall Classic "Dark Skies Over Kansas" Nov 2013: Containing the classic Brian Flinn sound, "Dark Skies Over Kansas" is a dramatic and theatrical track showing Brian's mastery over imagery and scene setting. Magnificent synth work makes a strong appearance as we are all gripped in anticipation of the upcoming drop. The build up is masterfully done, as always, perfectly building the tension. The release is, IMO, funky as hell! Hard kicks and upbeat hats is definitely how I do. A prime-time hit to celebrate thanksgiving. [caption id="attachment_17400" align="alignleft" width="200"]brian-flinn-small Brian Flinn in the mix![/caption] Apparently Flinn is "spending every waking moment he can making the next big tune that will not only captivate and inspire but also render his fans speechless as they fall victim to his groundbreaking drops that has been dubbed by his most loyal followers as “Armageddon Drops”. That fun fact from his bio clearly indicates a fairly loyal fan base but I think the selling point is his own label Solid Black Recordings. [caption id="attachment_17397" align="alignright" width="200"]solid-black-recordings Solid Black Recordings[/caption] Flinn's work has landed support from the hard hitters in the industry such as Armin Van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery, Simon Patterson, and Sean Tyas to name a few. IMO Brian has a solid take on trance music. I bought his tracks on Beatport, have you? Brian Flinn has definitely found that which we all (producers) strive to achieve. As he states in his bio, he can "create sounds that stand out from the rest, sounds that resonate with not only fans but also with the top DJ/Producers in the industry who will shed the all important lime light needed to get noticed." He got noticed, but not enough! Go like his page now!