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Get Lucky With The Future Sound of Egypt

Trance family, assemble! The Future Sound of Egypt is calling you to Lucky 2017. Between the newly established Bliss (returning to the WaMu Theater on May 6th), regular phenomenal talent coming through The Underground and Foundation Nightclub, and now a beautifully curated stage at one of it's annual massives - Seattle continues to solidify itself as a trance haven. The lineup at Lucky is the kind of talent that people travel for.

The songs below should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect at the Tacoma Dome on March 11th. For those of you in uncharted territory - use this as a chance to get to know your Future Sound of Egypt lineup, or in the likely case that you're already well acquainted, here are some tracks that you probably already love.


Aly & Fila

Your headliners and the talent behind the Future Sound of Egypt name. Uplifting as uplifting can get - this duo truly epitomizes the purpose of trance music as something you can lose yourself in completely. Something to be experienced on a deeply personal level, while simultaneously surrounding you with intimacy. If one thing can be assured - when you are here, you are family. Their recorded sunrise set from EDC Las Vegas last year should give a pretty good idea of the love and community embedded in this genre. It's okay to cry a little. It's also okay to cry a lot. And a bonus, just because this happens to be one of my all time favorite tracks. And yes, that is Gareth Emery's sister on vocals.

Ferry Tayle

If anyone tries to convince you that trance is dead, they clearly aren't listening to Ferry Tayle. From an endless list of collaborations with other major players in the trance scene (including Lucky performers ReOrder and Aly & Fila), Ludovic Meyer has wide variety of style and influence, while never losing that true trance touch of gorgeous and emotional breakdowns mixed with uplifting beats.

Jordan Suckley

Who says trance doesn't have bass? I hope your mascara is waterproof because Jordan Suckley is about to melt your face with weird, techy trance.

Mark Sherry

I like to think of Mark Sherry as basement trance - dark, dirty, and wild. The kind of music you'd find in a crowded, hot, after hours party - keeping your body moving long after everyone else has gone to sleep.


This Jersey boy joins the FSOE stage with a remarkably diverse sounding catelogue of music to his name. With everything from hard hitting festival trance to that late night/early morning sound where you've completely earned seeing that sunrise. But that doesn't mean that he still doesn't throw down hard. There's something for everyone here.

Ørjan Nilsen

One can definitely hear the influences of trance king Armin van Buuren in his music, and the two have even collaborated on several occasions, marking only one of many sources of inspiration for this Norwegian producer. Look for him bouncing around behind the decks - his onstage energy is nothing short of infectious.


Another DJ bringing a multiple subgenres to his production and his mixing, including hypnotizing vocals and beautiful melodies that Future Sound is known for, while not skipping out on that 138.

Simon Patterson

Whenever I want to get one of my bass head friends into trance, I always start them with psy. It's gritty, heavy, weird, and has such a crazy energy to it.  Simon Patterson is probably my personal favorite on this list, having a special place in my heart as one of the first DJs I got to see live. He also with easily one of the best radio shows out there, so if you're looking for a cardio playlist, check out his Open Up Podcast.

Lucky is just over a month away! Check out our lineup announcement post for a few errands you can run before March 11th.