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Two Completely Different Days at EDC Orlando

This past weekend Insomniac Events brought the Electric Daisy Carnival to Orlando. Ravers from all across the country once again gathered under the electric sky to the state where "Festi Season" never stops. The lineup was stacked, with a concentration of heavy dub artists on day 1, and a mixture of up and coming artists and classic headliners on day 2, there was something for each and every EDM lover. With the exception of a few rare occasions, every time I've stepped into a festival, a rave or a show, the components are all relatively the same. You have the stages, which at EDC are composed of animals that move and blink their eyes. You have extremely loud music, that pumps bass throughout your chest. You have thousands of people in sparkling neon garb and you have your friends, the squad that will undoubtedly provide the best vibes. eyes Upon entering the gates at EDC it looked like a festival. All of the components were there. The stages were awesome, there were people swarming the grounds. But for some reason a few things seemed to be missing. It was about 5 p.m. and I asked my friend what set we were watching. I realized that I asked him this question in a normal tone of voice. "Why was the music so quiet?" I then asked. I noticed other people asking their friends as well. Yes it was so quiet that I could hear them asking their own group of friends. I figured that it may be because it was relatively early, but the volume seemed to stay stagnant the entire night, even during Excision and Flux Pavilion, who were the closers. In addition, I was confused as to how easy it was to get to the front of any stage, even during the headlining sets. With close to no effort was I able to get extremely close, because nobody was dancing.

"It all looks like a festival, so what's going on here?" 

Even some of the sets were surprisingly disappointing. Eric Prydz's entire set sounded like the filler music that is played in between sets. Everyone stormed away from the main stage in search of something more energizing. DJ Snake played shortly after. Each song he dropped was more predictable than the rest with un-remixed drops that left the crowd hanging. On the way out of the festival, nobody chanted or cracked jokes, it was like watching zombies walk in single file lines towards the streets of Orlando. The whole situation was more confusing than it was disappointing. But I kept up my hopes for the next day. Day 2 had completely different vibes. From the start of the day, the music was booming. The people were energetic and the sets were magical. As time went on, each set was better than the next. Alison Wonderland commanded the entire Circuit Ground stage with a bass filled set and extremely trippy visuals. Carnage had the main stage stomping their feet in unity, and after seeing Bassnectar over fifteen times, his set at EDC made it feel like the first time all over again. Seven Lions' closing set was the perfect amount of lyrical and bass to wrap up an overall incredible weekend. girls Even though the first day was out of the ordinary, EDC remains a place associated with hundreds of thousands of amazing memories for so many people. I am without a doubt one of them.