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Trappy Tuesday Playlist (October 2014)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014
Madison Riccardi

Hey all you trap lovers! Alex Zimmerman and I have teamed up to give you a killer playlist of some great trap songs that were released in October! These playlists will be released on the last Tuesday of every month! These tracks aren't in any specific order.  We hope you enjoy October's Trappy Tuesday Playlist! Run it! R3HAB & Trevor Guthrie - Soundwave (Hvtchet & Kai U Remix)  Madison: Personally I love this track,the vocals are perfection and the rattles in it just give it that great original trap feel we know and love. Then you get to the drop, and BOOM it hits you. There isn't one thing I don't like about this track. Alex: This progressive house anthem received a fantastic trap edit that is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Hvtchet and Kai U throws waves of the melody as the 808's bang away in this progressive track tune. The vocals  also create more feels in this remix than the original, which is mighty hard to do. Sub Focus, Steerner - Turn Back Time (Zeelaa Trap Edit) Madison: I think we have a baby Slander on our hands here. Zeelaa is only 16 YEARS OLD and his sound is already amazing. This is Heaven Trap to a T. I love this track, it has those killer 808's and the vocals and added bonus. Zeelaa, you did this justice. THE FEELS THO! Alex: Zeelaa, a self-proclaimed Heaven Trap producer, has the workings of bringing this genre to a whole new level. Slander better watch out... there's a new god in town. The progressive tones mesh with the beating 808's to make an excellent festival banger. Zeelaa, you are on my "Artists to watch out for in 2015" list. Clips x Ahoy & Hype Turner & Lemony Snickettes - Throwed Madison: This is without a doubt a tried and true Festival Trap track. If this was played in a festival setting, I know that it would get the crowd jumping. The drop in this song is flawless. Alex: "Throwed" is a trap monster that will get you exactly as the title suggests, "Throwed." With a twerk drop, it is sure to get the crowd moving when played. Make sure to not throw your back out on this one.

RL Grime - Core (Djemba Djemba Bootleg)

Madison: The original "Core" by RL Grime has always been a favorite track of mine, but when I was introduced to Djemba Djemba's remix: WOW, it blew me away! I love all of the different sounds in this remix, and I love that he added the "Sweet Shop" vocals into it as well. AlexDjemba Djemba proves again why he should be thrown into the talk of best Trap artists. His production sets the bar high for quality as he has adds many different sounds into this remix of a RL Grime gem. An Egyptian sounding melody is used as his ever-evolving bass craft is set ablaze. He even adds his own "Sweet Shop" vocals for all you Doctor P lovers out there. GLADPVCK - Nagano (Party Thieves Trap Remix) Madison: Gladator + LOUDPVCK + Party Thieves = EARGASM. I've been waiting for someone to trap this track out, and Party Thieves did an amazing job. I love that he added a little bit of his "Pompeii" bootleg into it as well. I think it makes the track sound even better. The drops and the synth in this work perfectly together. Pregame to this track. Alex: Party Thieves continues to steal the show with another great remix of Gladiator and LOUDPVCK's 'Nagano.' The bouncey trap beat grabs the wild side by the horns and tosses you in for a ride. Adding in samples of 'Pompeii' and "Bitch, you guessed it" seem random but fit quite nicely in this trap beast. This song will "turn the club into a mosh pit" as Flosstradamus would state. Galantis - Runaway (JayKode Remix) Madison: This is such a beautiful creation by JayKode. The magical 808's just give me the chills and lift me higher. This track give me the goosebumps. This is my favorite remix of this song. It's just simply amazing. Alex: JayKode took the breakout track by Galantis and created a wonderful Heaven Trap remix to this popular beat. JayKode may have just broke out in the heaven trap game with this one. Prepare for chills. KSHMR & DallasK – Burn (WIZDM & Hvtchet Remix) Madison: Hvtchet is on fire this month if you couldn't tell. He has already been in our playlist for this month. Hvtchet and WIZDM teamed up and created this killer trap style track, and damn, it is fire. Alex: Hvtchet seems to be on top of his game this month as he partnered with WIZDM to create this monster hardstyle trap tune. They mix the hardstyle with the trap bass amazingly, and tell everybody that this is how it’s supposed to be done. No arguing with that. Dubsef X WHIPPED CREAM - Anticipate (Original Mix) Madison: This is a trap BEAST and it goes hard! If you aren't getting turnt up when you are listening to this, then get with the program. This is one of those pregame songs. Alex: You better be anticipating this massive beat before you listen to this. Dubsef certainly outdid himself on this one only to top the tune off with WHIPPED CREAM. Alert Admiral Ackbar, It’s A Trap! admiral_ackbar_its_a_trap_gif Jack Ü - Take Ü There (Slander Remix) Madison: Loving this Hybrid Festival Trap remix. I have a feeling Diplo is going to love this remix considering he has played Slander's tracks before on his radio show. Also, I love the Skrillex-esque samples that are in this remix as well. Overall, this is a very well done remix. Alex: Slander is back at it again with another trap remix, this time of Jack U’s famous tune. The last drop is where it’s at with a slowed down heavy bass drop. Slander took us there. Dillon Francis & Martin Garrix - Set Me Free (Instant Party! Bootleg) Madison: Instant Party! totally "Set Us Free" on this one. I love that they changed up the drop and their trap colors really came through. If this song were to be played in a festival setting, I know it would get the crowd jumping. Alex: Instant Party! continues to show us their masterful skills that demand to be set free. They give these awkward sounding original brilliant drops that will make everybody dance. I also did a full review of this track. You can check it out here! Daft Punk - One More Time (Black Boots Remix) Madison: Black Boots is back with another BANGER. The duo added in some bigger trap drums, heavenly synth cords, amazing layering and the bed squeak every now and then. This is bringing it back, and I will be listening to this more than once. Alex: Daft Punk’s famous tune gets a trap rework from Black Boots. Giving it that heaven feel, this tune is good for ‘One More Time’ on the decks. This Is Halloween - Kayzo x LooKas Madison: This is such the throwback! The intro is great. It takes me back to when I was a kid, with killer trapstyle drops. This is a must listen to this month. Alex: This is Halloween. The famous opener from The Nightmare Before Christmas gets a monster rework courtesy of Kayzo and Lookas. Make sure to have this in your Halloween playlists! tumblr_nczfmoVP5D1sntoqho1_250 Armin Van Buuren - This Is What It Feels Like (EFF3CTS Heaven Trap Edit) Madison: Last but not least, we have an amazing Heaven Trap remix of Armin's classic track, "This Is What It Feels Like." Wow the feels are here on this one. EFF3CTS hopped on to the very well known heaven trap subgenre, and they killed it. Alex: I have been waiting for this remix. Armin’s amazing hit finally receives a wonderful Heaven Trap remix courtesy of Eff3cts. Get ready for the feels… they are everywhere.   This wraps up the first Trappy Tuesday Playlist! Thank you for tuning in and running the trap with us! Stay tuned for next month's playlist! Trappy Tuesdays showcases a killer sampling of fresh trap songs, and is released on the last Tuesday of the month. Run it!