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Alright, time for some trap! Get ready to twerk to the next 10 songs! Chief Keef - Love Sosa (RL Grime Remix) RL Grime AKA Clockwork has became quite famous from his remixes of "Mercy" and "Satisfaction", he has now added "Love Sosa" to his collection. He adds some sweet 808's while Chicago native Chief Keef raps over the beat. Kayzo - Bounce (Original Mix) Next, I give you the second song off of Kayzo's EP "Limitless" entitled "Bounce". This track has incredible melodies and a great bassline. I just want to bounce to this track. Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were In Trouble (Kryptonik's Trap Remix) Now, whats not to love with this track? Taylor Swift, trap, and a hilarious Kanye moment. This track is just fire. Oh, and the Kanye part; Imma let you finish but trap is the greatest genre of all time. Buraka Som Sistema - Hangover (Caspa Remix) (Butch Clancy Retwerk) [Preview] Alright, so how about a nice little preview from Butch Clancy? Here's Butch's "Retwerk" of Caspa's remix of "Buraka Som Sistema". I really love the vocal cuts, and this is going to be a hit if Butch ever releases it. For now, enjoy this preview. Victor Niglio - Elvis (Original Mix) Ladies and Gentleman, Elvis has entered the building. Victor Niglio brings Elvis and trap together for this one time only. Niglio makes some awesome trap beats and has Elvis just talk over it, which makes for some great listening. Bro Safari - The Drop (Original Mix) Time for "The Drop". You know that drop you were waiting for when you saw Kaskade or when you were listening to "Random Access Memories"? Well, if you're still waiting, Bro Safari will help you out, with this song entitled "The Drop". Calvin Harris - Awooga (Slander Remix) Who ever thought Calvin Harris and trap would sound so dope! I didn't and this is now one of my current favorite trap songs. Slander did a great job on "Awooga". He's also part of the Trap Nation Mixtape, so check that out as well. Knife Party - LRAD (CRNKN Festie RMX) LRAD has been remixed around 1000 times already, which is quite amazing. Everyone is remixing this song, and we even heard a Porter Robinson edit (which was amazing, I can't wait for him to release it). In the meantime, here is my current favorite via CRNKN. Knife Party - Internet Friends (Ookay's Amazon Gold Mining Trap Remix) Did someone say more Knife Party? Ookay then, time to go "Amazon Gold Mining" with Ookay's remix of "Internet Friends". I love this remix so much; the vocal edit is just amazing. Even Knife Party themselves play this remix during their sets now. This song exemplifies the essence of trap! Aqua - Barbie Girl (SAYMYNAME! Bacon Trap Remix) Now, last but not least, (and of course I saved the best for last), because SAYMYNAME! is really getting into my childhood big time, He's already remixed "The Rugrats" and "Barney" theme songs, so whats next? "Barbie Girl" of course! Thanks for enjoying Trap Tuesday Volume One, see you next week for Volume Two, for now I gotta back to Twerk.