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Top 5 Upcoming Dubstep Artists in 2013

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dubstep exploded onto the electronic music scene a few years ago as the glitchy, rough sound that comes together in a way that many have described as “robots having sex.”  Though the genre has been pushed away a bit from the foreground in favor of its cousins trance and house, there is still a huge loyal following for the beats that make us want to “womp womp.”

Even if you aren’t a slave to the bass, here are 5 artists who I think could make quite the splash on the scene this year:

1) MakO

Hailing from Coventry, Britain, MakO has collaborated with Santa Barbara duo Josie Martin and Ethan Davis of Candyland and is supported by the likes of KOAN Sound.  One song that stood out to me was “Proving Ground,” a crazy, roller coaster ride of breaks that will leave you eager for the next drop.  The only way to describe this dude’s music is MASSIVE.  He’s also got an ability to seamlessly mix dubstep and hip-hop in a genre that he describes as “neurohop.”  Put on these upbeat, dubby tunes if you’re looking to get some serious work done; it provides the perfect motivation.

2) Crizzly

Chris Marshall of Austin, TX is the man to go to if you’re looking for some crunkstep.  What is crunkstep?  Take your favorite hip hop songs (Chain Hang Low, Hard In Da Paint and Thrift Shop to name a few), and add a ton of glitchy, grimy drops along the way.  I’m aware that he already has a pretty substantial following, but I can only see his popularity continuing to climb from here.  The addition of trap music into the EDM genre repertoire is starting to bring everyone back to their hip hop roots.  You may love Armin Van Buuren right now, but don’t lie.  You still love hip hop.

3) Tisoki

You like dubstep but you want something that’s not going to completely melt your face off?  This artist may be a bit much for you.  Tisoki, from Edinburgh, has had tracks at the top of the charts on and though his beats may be heavy, he incorporates melodic vocals into tracks such as “Sky Child” and “MMXIII.”  I’m personally a fan of his hard-hitting song “Twerk,” where most of its comments on SoundCloud look like O_o.  And, he’s got blue hair. That’s badass.

4) Singularity

Self-produced and LA-based Singularity is rising up the charts with chillstep remixes of hits from Seven Lions, Above and Beyond and even Britney Spears’ “Toxic.”  Singularity’s music is less “in your face” and is great to vibe to while driving down the highway. His new Horizon EP includes tunes with some awesome female vocals, and his track “Ness” is based off of the character in “Super Smash Brothers” (I’m a sucker for video game noises in music).  He’s got a few good trappy tunes too, so definitely check him out.

5) CosmicZebra

We get DJ's from all over the world: the UK, Netherlands, US, etc. etc.  When was the last time you heard of a group from Mexico?  CosmicZebra are two brothers (17 and 19 years old) who hail from Monterrey and they’ve got some real talent.  Their newest singles, “Invaders” and “Stratagem” are currently featured on Beatport’s top 100 Glitch Hop and grimier tunes like “Woodbury” are have been included on the most recent Essential Dubstep album.  For having this much talent at such a young age, I’m looking forward to seeing where their career will go from here.

the top 5 best upcoming dubstep artists of 2013

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