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The Top 5 Tracks of The Summer of 2015 (So Far)

First of all, to clear things up, the window of time I'm considering for these track selections goes from May 1st until now. No, I don't care that May 1st is almost 2 months before the Summer felt like the beginning of summer for me, so that's when I'm starting. Overall, this summer has been a gold mine in terms of tremendous tunes. I'd argue that things have actually diversified a tad this summer, at least in comparison to last summer's Tropical House kick. While nowadays everyone and their cousin produces Deep House, I think the popularization of deeper tracks has managed to moved Dance music closer to its roots. Don't get me wrong, some good ole fashion electro / dubstep still gets me going faster than 5 cups of coffee, but there's something inexplicably satisfying about a simple, yet elegantly arranged deep track. Below are my Top 5 favorite tracks released this summer; they span a variety of styles, from French House & Future Bass to Summer Pop & Sunset House. Enjoy!

5. Galantis - Gold Dust (/ˈloosid/ Remix)

This may be one of the most underrated and under listened to tracks of the summer. My favorite part about this remix is how different it is from the rest of the tracks on the official remix pack. It's a very interesting twist on Future Bass, thanks to the mesmerizing wobbles and sudden splashes of heavily layered synths. Overall, /'loosid/ managed to produce a unique track that's colossal, and transfixing, but also not too intense, or too generic. Check out the beast of a track below. 

4. Jai Wolf - Indian Summer (Original Mix)

Over this past year, Jai Wolf became the world renowned producer/DJ we always thought he could be. From an official release on Skrillex's OWSLA label, to remixes for both Alesso and Melanie Martinez, releases on Def Jam and Atlantic records respectively, it's safe to say Jai Wolf's had a career trip round the sun. With the release of "Indian Summer" on ODESZA's Foreign Family Collective, the young producer found himself cracking 1,000,000 plays on a track for the 5th time. Crank up the bass, and enjoy the catchy, synth heavy track below!

3. Alesso - Cool (Autograf Remix)

OTB favorites, Autograf have had a similarly successful summer. With releases on Ultra Records, Def Jam, and Avicii's PRMD Records over the past 4 months, the trio have shown no signs of slowing down. This remix is French House at its finest; the filters alone transport the listener back to pre-2000's dance & Daft Punk in all their "Homework" glory. It's just one of those tracks where you loose the ability to control your arms, and end up dancing like your 58 year old dad. And what's wrong with that? With a catchy piano riff, impeccable vocals, and a thumping bassline, it's impossible to stand still...

2. The Magician - Together (Original Mix)

The opening 15 seconds of this track might be the catchiest 15 seconds of music I've ever heard. This track is pure, unadulterated fun; and is guaranteed to leave a smile on your face. The Magician has pieced together some incredible productions before, ("Sunlight" & "Rather Be (Remix)" however, this one takes the cake. "Together" sounds like a slurpee coated in pixie dust, a popsicle dipped in candied bacon bits, or a frozen margarita with just the right amount of salt. All in all, it's a syrupy sweet track crafted specifically for your summer indulgence.

1. Life of Dillon - Overload (Pierce Fulton Remix)

Every now and then, I stumble across a track which conjures a feeling of happiness, hope, and excitement, literally every single time I play it. This is incredibly rare. I'd like to say there are plenty of other things which make me feel this way, but there really aren't. Something within the melody of this track just screams summer vacation; maybe it's the infectious guitar, maybe the stunning vocals...I guess it's just the whole production. Anyways, thank you Life of Dillon, and Pierce Fulton for constructing the best track of the summer of 2015 ☀️ (so far...). Hope you guys enjoyed the tracks! If you had a different top 5 in mind, let us know in the comments, or share the article and post your amended list along with it.

Honorable Mentions

Thomas Jack. - Rivers (Original Mix)

I love this track. And honestly, if this had come out around a year ago, it would've been #1 on my list. It's super summer-y, really smooth, and overall, a great track to sit on a deck and watch the sunset to. Also, props to TJ for only uploading the radio rip of "Rivers" to his soundcloud, ultimately forcing listeners to buy the track for clear audio quality. Now that's a good business move if I've ever heard one...

Hopium - Right Now (VIP Mix)

I only discovered Hopium a few weeks back, and it was solely because of their appearance on the mysterious soundcloud channel, Your Secret. Turns out, they're a super low-key, two piece band/group based out of Melbourne that's been producing some surprisingly dark/dreamy Pop tracks for the past year. If you get a chance, make sure to check out "Dreamers (Ft. Phoebe Lou)"'ll understand more of what I'm talking about...think moody/subdued vibes. Anyways, check out the Variant In Production mix of "Right Now" below; it's not exactly summer-y, but it's one helluva song. 

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(image courtesy of Jay Alvarrez)