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There are some pretty memorable event venues. Whether it be the Las Vegas Nightclubs, Webster Hall in New York or Foundation NightClub in Seattle, there is one that has a certain mysticism around it named Red Rocks in Morrison, Colorado. Many artists have touted this location for its beautiful views and its memorable location. Something about letting loose on instruments or DJ equipment in the middle of some giant rocks gets everybody’s juices flowing. Red Rocks Amphitheatre 2015 Red Rocks always has one of the best event calendars and this year is no different. The biggest question on everyone’s mind is how shows will be affected with Morrison recently voting to put certain restrictions on the venue, most importantly sound volume. You can read the long version here, but I’ll give you a quick rundown:
  1. Shows must end by 11:45 pm on weeknights and 12:30 am on weekends, barring $10,000 fine for each half-hour exceeded.
  2. Use of pyrotechnics during shows must get permit from Denver Fire department
  3. Sound pressure can’t exceed 108 dBA or 123 dB bands for over 1 minute intervals, on risk of $10,000 fine.
In a list that rivals Marshawn Lynch’s recent football fines, the city of Morrison has put a foot down on Red Rocks Ampitheatre and is sure to be acted on coming up this year with a bass filled schedule. Need proof? Check out 5 events that I think Red Rocks will pay fines on.

1. Savoy Live at Red Rocks - April 25th

Red Rocks Savoy Sound Remedy 2015 Savoy is more known for their extravagant laser lighting, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to bring the bass. Bass Physics, Sound Remedy and Michal Menert’s Big Band will be supporting Savoy as all three are sure to shake the stones and earn Red Rocks its first $10,000 fine. You really think Sound Remedy won’t blast his newest remixes out the speakers?

2. Adventure Club May 8th, Gramatik May 9th

Adventure Club Red Rocks 2015                       Grammatik Red Rocks 2015 I know this technically is 2 events but I think Red Rocks will have to fork over another fine for either one of these events. Adventure Club knows how to throw down in their sets and with their massive popularity; I could see them stretching their set through the allotted 12:30 end time. Gramatik may not get any fines for loudness but with his smooth jazz vibe and the beautiful views of Red Rocks, why would anyone want to leave? Tack another $10,000 for this event.

3. Global Dub Festival 2015 - May 15th

Global Dub Festival Red Rocks 2015Just from the name I can already add $10,000 but with all the acts scheduled to play, this festival might stack fines. Excision and Zomboy headline the event. Excision alone adds an extra $10k and Zomboy could add another. Yellow Claw, Ookay, MUST DIE! And Said the Sky round out the event and Red Rocks could be looking at an extra $20-$30k for loudness. I could see this entire event costing upwards of $60k for loudness along with going beyond the allotted time. This could be a pricey weekend for Red Rocks.

4. Bassnectar - May 29th-31st

Bassnectar Red Rocks 2015 Red Rocks holds a special place in Bassnectar’s heart and it definitely shows. Returning to Red Rocks for 3 full days during Memorial Weekend, this event is sure to rack up some fines as Bassnectar is sure to not only break the sound barrier but also the event length. With a slew of supporting acts including Joker, G Jones, Benga, JackLNDN, Eskmo and Lindsay Lowend, these three days could rock the entire complex and make a huge payday for the city of Morrison as it could rack up another $60k in fines.

5. DeadRocks 2015 - July 2nd

Zeds Dead Red Rocks Dead Rocks 2015Rounding out the top 5 events that will cause Red Rocks to be fined is DeadRocks happening July 2nd. I’m already going to add $10k since it is a weeknight so they “have” to end at 11:45pm. But with Zeds Dead and Dillon Francis co-headlining the event, no one will want to leave before midnight. Throw in the support acts of Haywyre, Paper Diamond, Mija and Hunter Siegel and I could see an extra $20-$30k added because of sound levels. When I heard Paper Diamond live, he destroyed the stage with massive bass and sound that can only be beat by the bass gods themselves Zeds Dead. Add in the craziness of Dillon Francis and you have yourself a monster of a night. Red Rocks Live Shows 2015If the fines do take effect, Red Rocks Ampitheatre could be looking at $170,000 in fines for these 5 events. While this is only an estimate, this could easily fluctuate based on attendance and the liveliness of the crowds. Amidst the thought of some crazy fines, Red Rocks Ampitheatre still supports the EDM community. Denver’s Westword interviewed Denver Arts and Venues Marketing and Communication Director Brian Kitts discussing the new regulations and how it will affect upcoming events.

Mary Willson: "Some fans have raised the point that EDM shows may be more susceptible to being affected by these regulations, because EDM music is generally a loud genre. Are these regulations equal to all genres of music?"

Brian Kitts: "This is tough for me, because I am an EDM fan, so I understand it. But in my gut, I believe that this isn't going to be a noticeable change for 99 percent of fans. If you're a sound expert who sits at the sound table and can see the frequencies go up and down, you may see a difference, but let's face it, when you're there in a crowd with nine thousand people and you're in that zone, when you feel a drop...I don't think they're going to notice."

"When it comes down to it, part of the Red Rocks experience is being in the venue with that many people and seeing a performer that you really want to see. And to be clear, this isn't like hearing Avicii in a club, where there is roof. This is an outdoor venue. But, like I said, my gut tells me that 99 percent of the fans aren't going to notice."

How Much Will Red Rocks pay in Fines?

These events are only the beginning for what promises to be another great year for Red Rocks. Chromeo and Odesza will be turning the floor into funkytown when they arrive May 26th, while non-electronic fans will be overjoyed hearing that Mastodon and Clutch, Lana Del Rey, Alan Jackson, Cage The Elephant and Old Crow Medicine Show will be wooing hearts from the rocks. How much money do you think Red Rocks will have to fork over this year? Comment below with your answer and we'll see what the tally is at the end of this year. Who knows maybe Red Rocks will give the person closest something? If you’d like to attend any of these events (why wouldn’t you want to?) visit their website now as tickets are quickly selling. Bassnectar’s 3 day event has already sold out.

Keep up with Red Rocks on their Facebook and Twitter and keep this historic and beautiful venue on your bucket list.