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Top 5 Dubstep Artists of 2014

As the year comes to a close, we take the time to look back on the past year in dance music to highlight some of the amazing artists who gave us the sounds we live our lives to. It takes a special breed of producer to create dubstep. One must be a well-tuned basshead and just a little crazy to make the earth-shattering tracks that get blasted from 150,000 watt sound systems. Because there are so many fantastic producers out there, we had to actually do two lists; the overall Top 5 dubstep artists highlighting who dominated the dubstep charts this year and the Best New Artists & Honorable Mentions to highlight those newcomers who are making waves in the bass music world. The second list will be out next week, but first let's take a look at our top picks!   tumblr_ma3ijekuRe1rnjgkko1_500

Top 5 Dubstep Artists

5. Kill The Noise

Jake Stamczak, aka KTN, has had an amazing year, from being "Majestic as Fak" on his own headlining tour, or producing some of the best mixes and remixes of 2014. His collaborations with Feed Me, `Far Away,’ and 'Recess' with Skrillex, have electrified crowds around the globe and his continued influence in the harder side of bass music has earned him the top spot in our list. Find more from Jake via the links below.

Kill The Noise’s Soundcloud | Facebook


4. Zomboy

Zomboy has had a huge year. He released his first full album, `The Outbreak,’ as well as a slew of originals and remixes. His live sets have been on point and electrifying each time. Zomboy’s style is slightly different from most other dubstep DJs, favoring a slightly grimier tone mixed with oldies and current bangers. His stage presence is superb and the amount of energy Zomboy can supply makes each performance something over the top.

Zomboy’s Soundcloud | Facebook


3. Bassnectar

While not exclusively dubstep, when Bassnectar dabbles with the heavier, steppier side of bass music, nothing bad ever comes of it. Fresh off his album `Noise VS Beauty’ Bassnectar has been touring bringing his incredible performances to thousands at a time. One of the greatest forces for change in electronic music and easily one of the best bass producers in the world, Bassnectar has easily secured himself a place in our list. Check out `Noise VS Beauty’ if you haven’t already and if you have its never a bad time to listen to the classics like Wildstyle Method. Get in touch with your bass roots with Bassnectar.

Bassnectar’s Soundcloud | Facebook


2. Excision / Destroid

Excision has created an empire of bass for himself. From his solo skull crushing sets, to his involvement with dubstep super group Destroid, Excision has been a nonstop maniac leaving only broken speakers and blown eardrums in his wake. Taking 2014 to focus primarily on Destroid along side KJ Sawka and Downlink, he did not release to many tracks but those he did such as `Night Shine’ and his re-envisioning of `Rock You’ were big hits in the bass arena. Destroid had a successful year as well releasing their `Invasion Remixes’ album featuring remixes from Datsik, Crizzly, and Barely Alive. Everywhere you looked in 2014 you could see Excisions hand in the mix of things creating a nonstop barrage of heavy dubstep. Hopefully in 2015 we will see Excision release a full album or short EP with some new specifically Excision music, but if not, there’s always Shambhala 2015.

Excision’s Soundcloud | Facebook Destroid’s Soundcloud | Facebook


1. Skrillex

Shocker that one of the early champions of dubstep, or brostep, would make our list. Skrillex has been an unstoppable force ever since he exploded onto the scene with his album `Scary Monsters Nice Sprites’ in 2010. Ever since he has been evolving the dubstep world with track after track and collaboration after collaboration building one of the most impressive portfolios the electronic world, and music world in general have ever seen. His label, OWSLA, has signed and fostered some of the best in bass music and have changed the way the electronic music world works. His third full length album, `Recess,’ was one of the biggest albums to come out of 2014 and his Mothership Tour was one of the most talked about tours of 2014 as well. Basically, Skrillex is an unstoppable force and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. We will see what 2015 brings for this incredible producer as OWSLA and Skrillex continue to dominate the electronic music world.

Skrillex’s Soundcloud | Facebook

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