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2014 was a wildly successful year for electronic music, but an even better year for the eye candy that came with it. With new fierce new talents and fresh faces arising in the scene from all corners of the globe, we ranked our top 10 crushes from this year. We're breaking down the top electronic music heartthrobs based on their charm and appeal - see what familiar faces from last year's list made the cut and who are the adorable newbies of 2014.

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10. 3LAU 

Oh, how we love YOU Justin Blau. He's got that cute boy charm we love to swoon over.

9.  Adventure Club

These Canadian cuties are easy on the eyes and know how to make a beat. Two is better than one!  

8. Danny Daze

This Miami native has earned recognition this year with a versatile sexy sound that's landed him in the spotlight. He's got that bad boy look going real well for him.

7.  Party Favor

THAT HAIR. No explanation needed for this LA native.

6. Dirty South 

This producer turned director makes our list again. Surprised? We're not.

5. The Chainsmokers

These guys are easily EDM's hottest ticket of 2014 with a crazy successful year and chart-topping tracks. But there's still something about these two that keeps us wanting more...

4. Hot Since 82

This English bad boy has swagger all over with that irresistible messy hair and toned bod. He rightly earns his place at number four this year.

3. Brodinski 

He's French. And good looking. Enough said.

2. Will Sparks

Not only is this rising star Australian (helloooo sexy accent), but he rocks the bro tanks well and has that adorable boy next-door look. HI WILL

1. Dillon Francis

Dilly encompasses everything that screams boy crush. Not only is he freaking adorable, he's hilarious and is one of the most popular and loved DJs today (next to DJ Hanzel and DJ Richasfuck of course). Whoever has your heart Dillon, she's one lucky lady!  

So, did we get the list right? Who else would you add?


Honorable mention.......