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Tipper - Gulch

Saturday, June 21, 2014
Colin Rinehart

Glitch Hop technicality galore ensues in Tipper's "Gulch." "Gulch," was intended to be listened to in 360 degrees of mind shattering sound waves. Tipper is widely respected as a Surround Sound composer, releasing one of the first albums composed, produced, and intended for the DualDisc format. As if that wasn't impressive and groundbreaking enough, his label-mates at Fuel back in the late 1990's came up with the Fuel Sound System. This consisted of 2 identical black 1970s Dodge Challengers, both fitted with 6 x18" subwoofers (replacing where the back seats had previously been) and a Funktion-One mid/tops speaker unit that could be raised out of the trunk on hydraulics with the flick of a switch from the driver's dashboard. These cars were able to run independently, without the need for an electrical generator, using 6 batteries charged via an alternator salvaged out of a lorry. A lorry, for all you yanks, is a commercial truck. Using these modern marvels they traveled to and from festivals and concerts all over attracting attention to their artists and the label. Supposedly at the 1997 V Festival they were blaring away outside the festival and got complaints from the stage management inside the festival that the performing artists, which happened to be The Prodigy, couldn't even hear their own set. That's how loud these souped up old Challengers could get. 2005 witnessed the establishment of his own imprint Tippermusic, and he embraced the digital music revolution for the freedom it gave musicians to finally determine their own path. He now releases all his music online, without being bound to any label but his own. His first self-released album was Tip Hop which would be one of the rocks on which the church of glitch hop would be built. Tipper's new album Forward Escape is out now on iTunes. "Gulch," is the 5th track off of Forward Escape and it is insane! If you like it go snag the album of twelve tracks for just ten dollars.

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