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Throwback: ATB's beautiful melody is "Killing Me Inside"

Thursday, April 16, 2015
Emily Knopp

In this eloquent tune, André Tanneberger, aka ATB, showcases the soft vocals of Sean Ryan. ATB was ranked #1 in the world, according to "The DJ List". This throwback track shows the softest side of ATB, by telling a heartbreaking tale of love and loss. The simple and subtle tone only strengthens the eerie, reverberating words. A hopeless, yet powerful theme lifts this track up to epic proportions. Experience the beauty of ATB's sounds and Sean Ryan's voice as they combine into pure magic, capable of drawing out tears. ATB has been on top of his musical talents since 1993, when he was a part of a group called Sequential One, which lasted until 1999. In 1998, he started ATB on his own and released his first track, "9 pm, Till I Come" which will forever be a classic. Now 42 years old, his music shows no signs of wearing down over time.