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TELYKast Wants To Broadcast Music To The Masses (Interview)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Madison Riccardi

TELYKast, who are they you might ask?

One half of TELYKast is Kyle Tonoli, who was born in Dallas,TX. Kyle used to play ice hockey full time, up until the last year and a half when he took a hard hit and found out he would never be able to play contact sports again. Thankfully he had been in Sweden for a U.S. Ice Hockey Tournament, and that was where he had heard dance music for the first time. "It was so catchy, I even purchased several CDs while I was over there." Kyle said. When he got home from Sweden, he started making mixes/mashups and playing them for his teammates before games and the reactions he got were great. Since hockey took up almost all of his time, he could only do music on the side, but once he was injured his life changed forever. "I'm so thankful I had my music to take on full time. It was then I decided I was going to pursue music with everything I had and I decided to move to LA." That is where Kyle met Linus and TELYKast became an official duo last month.

The other half of TELYKast is Linus, who was born in the heart of Manhattan, NYC. Linus has a long musical background, having played Suzuki violin from the ages 4-12, then he picked up guitar. Linus was a Division 1 scholarship athlete at Indiana University for Springboard and Platform Diving. After a career ending injury (we are seeing a theme here), he turned to jazz guitar and funk/disco/soul/dance music. Linus came out to LA, and Kyle introduced him to Electronic Dance Music and the two have been pumping out songs ever since.

Here is TELYKast's first ever tune they put out onto their Soundcloud for the people of the community to listen to:

 Rihanna - Diamonds (Elvis Shade & TELYKast Bootleg Mix) (FREE DOWNLOAD)

With this next tune, they tried a little something different and the response they got from the fans with incredible! Check it out for yourself!   DVBBS & Moti - This Is Dirty (TELYKast Remix) (FREE DOWNLOAD

OTB:  How did you guys come up with TELYKast?

TELYKast: To us TELYKast means to “broadcast”. We want to “broadcast” our music to the masses and we thought it was a very different name from most and most importantly something we thought people would find catchy and memorable.

OTB: What is your opinion on genres?

TELYKast: We normally make what we are feeling at any given moment in time. We are really trying to avoid being pigeonholed to a specific genre. If we can do multiple styles we think that is a great way to separate ourselves from a lot of people.

OTB: If you could collab with anyone, who would it be and why?

TELYKast: That’s a tough question, but we would have to go with Martin Garrix because of his talent at such a young age and sense of melody. This is so important when it comes to standing out, especially with how big the competition is today. We really respect that and would love to one day produce a track with him.

OTB: Do you have any advice for someone who wants to become a dj/producer? 

TELYKast: If you really want to do it, just make sure you have fun with it! Anyone can go get a 9-5 job.

OTB: Why Trap?

TELYKast: Linus’ roots are Jazz Guitar and Hip-Hop; Kyle’s are mainly all Dance Music, so between both of us it’s just kind of what started happening. Needless to say we have tons of unreleased tracks that aren’t just “Trap”, so be sure to look out for those soon!

Turn It Down (TELYKast Sexy Trap Edit) - Kaskade (FREE DOWNLOAD

Years (TELYKast Sexy Trap Edit) - Alesso Ft. Matthew Koma (FREE DOWNLOAD

OTB: What motivated you guys to start producing and what keeps you going? 

TELYKast: The physical and mental need to make music. It’s something that we both crave and when we see people enjoying our music that pushes us to take it even further. Nothing better than seeing people happy from what you have created.

OTB: What's next for TELYKast?

TELYKast: We have a few groovy Deep House Remixes and Originals. We also have several Original “Sexy Trap” tracks as well as some “2AM Bangers”. We also plan to start gigging a lot more and hope to play for you guys very soon!

Well there you have it folks. You got to hear all of TELLYKast's tunes they have out right now and you got some inside info of the guys, what their opinions are and what is coming next! TELLYKast is going to explode this year, be on the look out guys!