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Tchami is at the top of his game!

Monday, September 28, 2015
Sam Storch

Future house at this current moment is dominated by two acts: Tchami and Oliver Heldens. Fortunately, I was able to experience both of these artists within the same month - Oliver at Electric Zoo, and Tchami at Irving Plaza. Although both artists are special in their own right, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that, after hearing both of them, there is only one person that is definitively at the top of this genre - and that person is Tchami, the latest Frenchman to create a bid to become one of dance music’s all-time greats. tchami What may differentiate Tchami the most from the other artists emerging within the future house genre is that he is a man who is true to his sound. Tchami does not feel that he has to cater to a specific crowd and he does not try to be something he is not. Whether he is playing a large festival stage or playing in a smaller, more rustic venue such as Irving Plaza, you know that you are going to get the same Tchami. And by same, I do not mean something stale. Regardless of where you are, you will get an authentic, unadulterated dose of Tchami, and that is the primary reason he has one of the most loyal, borderline cult, followings.

Tchami's Set @ Irving Plaza, NYC

Straight out of the gate, it was obvious that Tchami had no intention to gradually immerse his audience. His first several tracks were crowd pleasing and high energy material, and most, if not all, members of the crowd were either jumping or singing along. This portion of the set was highlighted by his rendition of AlunaGeoge's “You Know You Like It”. One of the hallmarks of a great DJ is that they are able to find an ideal balance between playing songs people know they like and playing songs people don't know yet (but will love after experiencing them). As Tchami's set progressed, he began playing tracks that many individuals on this side of the Atlantic may have never heard before. For me, “Bonkers” by Dizzee Rascal & Armand Van Helden was an unexpected treat. Finally, as Tchami began to wind down his set, he began to utilize his own heavy hitters. His Marshall Jefferson remix is always a crowd pleaser and he ended the night with his original, Untrue. This set had all of the elements that any dance music fan, and more specifically, future house fan, crave for, and made for a very memorable night!

New Visuals On Tour

tchami new visuals The new visual effects truly make you feel like you are in the Church of Tchami. The brand new DJ Booth that was displayed by Tchami was out of this world. The lit up cathedral windows gave this feeling of warmth and beauty that most LED walls and lights simply do not give. There was a feeling of sophistication to the setup that is not typically experienced within dance music. This booth will be featured throughout Tchami’s current tour, so soak it in while you can!
A night with Tchami is simply unlike any other. It's a refreshing mix of music, visuals and art that you simply will not experience at most dance music shows. But, perhaps more importantly, it’s simply fun! So grab some friends, and do not miss the Church of Tchami.