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SXM Festival Top 5 Sets to See

As a techno tourist, this is one of the hardest Top 5 I’ve had to do. This says a lot about the caliber of artists chosen, considering SXM Festival is a 1,000 person boutique event. For lovers of big and small names in various deep house and deep tech sub-genres, SXM will be a wonderland. Here are our picks for moving your body on the St. Martin beaches.  
  1. Crussen
  Swedish DJ Crussen will be performing what Crussen describes as “folky electronica” on his Facebook page. His deep and down tempo sound also feels a bit whimsical, with hints of 1970's love-ins.  
  1. Atish
  We've caught a few of Atish’s sets on Soundcloud and enjoyed them, but he solidified his place in this list from his recent set at City Hearts LA. There were so many great options at that Desert Hearts family event, but Atish kept us on the basement dance floor of the Belasco with an indescribable vibe. The energy was perfectly balanced, and drew people who looked you in the eye and smiled when they danced. It will be interesting to see how this translates from an underground feel to a tropical setting.  
  1. Nico Stojan
  Berlin native Stojan is now counts himself a citizen of the world, exploring exotic locales and favoring intimate festival gigs or low-key nights in trendy metropolises. His sets might be a little bit funky one day, acoustic-driven another, and techy the next.  
  1. Chaim
  Israeli DJ Chaim weaves in more sass than the above choices; swaying or sitting back with a cocktail-du-jour are still an option, but you’re more likely to set your drink down and do a 2-step or twirl when he’s on. Subtle bass joins mild drums and maracas or tambourines to invite some shoulder-shimmying.   1. Ricardo Villalobos   The Man. The Legend. Ricardo! Not only does Chilean-born, German-raised Villalobos know how to keep a party going with his musical selections, but he is a larger-than-life personality that serves as a visual reminder to move and groove. The lithe, floppy-haired, flamingo-esque DJ gets down and almost challenges those watching to keep up. His dedication to producing and DJing for over 25 years shows in the musical breadth of his sets.   Night Set Pick: Lee K. The West Coast’s Lee K is our pick for post-sundown up-and-comer. While our main choices focus on that dreamy-beachy feel, when the shadows of the palm trees create mystical creatures out of the dips and rivets in the sand, we’ll be waiting for Lee K’s techno and tech-house to create that lost-in-the-jungle vibe.  We’ll be catching up with Lee about her experiences soon!       The folks over at SXM Festival have also put together a list of sets from their headliners on Soundcloud if you need some sunshine daydreams:    

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