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SXM Festival (SXMusic Festival for 2016's inception year) brings its hit boutique experience back to the French (Saint-Martin) and Dutch (Sint Maarten) island for 2017. Saint Martin is the smallest inhabited island divided between two nations, and it will be united among melodic house devotees March 15 through 19th. Saint Martin is an award-winning Caribbean island and although it has typical resort and cruise-ship development, there are still many non-chain restaurants and a hearty approval of nightlife. When it comes to sunny-locale festivals, I have graduated to where I couldn’t accept anything less than what SXM offers. Anyone who has fought through oversold crowds and braved festival portapotties may feel the same. At one point in my life, music events are where I went to let my wildest self out. We mobbed, we undulated, our eyes rolled back in our heads, we streamed sweat. We were too crazy to notice the abysmal decorations. The trashed environments were woven through. We wanted light and sound blasted in our face. But with hundreds of music events and at least 20 festival events under my belt, I notice now. I notice when things don’t flow and I notice when the planning causes hitch in my fantastical experience. My bar for festivals is raised. I want the right sights, the right sounds, the right overall feel. However, I do still want to attend festivals for the chance of meeting new people and seeing new viewpoints. SXM seems to strike the right balance of inclusivity and exclusivity. It brings around the right amount of people to create new connections without being as exclusionary as invite-only events. I started to hear praise about SXM when I returned from living abroad this summer.  The boutique festival managed to impress all the right people its first year. My most music-enlightened friends booked their tickets as soon as possible upon return. Top-notch publications have nothing but amazing words.  Photos and videos of the crystal waters, the intimate venues, the sophisticated décor popped up in my social media. But I am a woman of my own mind, and I waited until the Phase 1 & 2 line-ups to see if it was really where I wanted to be during the festival-laden spring season. And, well...that sealed that: [caption id="attachment_39215" align="aligncenter" width="600"]SXM Festival SXM Festival Line-up Phase 1 & 2[/caption] The acts featured are some the most creative producers and performers in the sensual/melodic house scene right now. I’m currently envisioning myself looking out on the crystal waters as the sun rises, looking across the dance floor at those people who just get it. Or sitting on a blanket and getting into conversations too deep for the confines of city life. I’m very much looking forward to Saint Martin becoming the newest place in my mind filed “You wouldn’t get it unless you were there.” And at the very least...we get that magical flamingo known as RICARDO VILLALOBOS. Tickets are still in Wave 1 release, and you can get them here.

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