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Skrillex @ 2012 Bumbershoot Festival - Seattle, WA

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The anticipation of this show was palpable. With a line that was meandering throughout the festival grounds, it was clearly the right choice to bring one of the biggest stars in EDM to the Pacific Northwest’s largest festival.  The line to get in had an extremely diverse crowd, ranging from the expected rave-rats decked out in kandy and glowsticks while sucking on ring pops to grey haired adults who seemed to be there out of pure curiosity and everyone in-between. Fans were openly passing around booze and smoke filled the air above the line.  While it was not condoned, it was not discouraged.  The vibe was set early on that this was going to be a fantastic way to end Labor Day weekend 2012.

 With the pre-funk in full swing on the way in, the party was put on hiatus until Skrillex hit the stage.  When I was finally able to find a seat, due to numerous restrictions by event staff, I realized that HALF of the floor was empty. Call it safety precaution, but in my opinion it is absolutely ridiculous… To prohibit fans, who waited nearly three hours to see one of their favorite artists, from getting the full effect of Sonny’s production is pitiful.  No fault of this falls on him, but that is just the nature of arena shows.

 Regardless of the technicalities of the event set up, it is always an eargasmic pleasure to hear dubstep accompanied with a full production setting. When the bass moves your internal organs, it is a truly magical feeling. The womps and wobbles could be felt with every note of Reptile and even those who did not understand what they were listening to could not help but vibe to the melodic bass lines that Skrillex so eloquently produces. More of a composer than a conductor, he is able to master the lower frequencies unlike any other artist I have personally seen. There may have been a few mishaps with transitions and beat matching but at the end of the show everyone still walked away saying “WOW”.  My friends who were not big followers of EDM were the newest supporters after this amazing show.  It is always a good feeling when you can see the joy and happiness radiating off people’s faces when they get to live life to the fullest at these incredible events.

Overall, I would highly encourage anyone to attend a live performance by  Skrillex whenever the chance comes up, just make sure to be in a spot that is in front of the stage, screens, and speakers for full effect.