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RVDIOVCTIVE and Unsourced Announce East Coast Tour

Friday, June 24, 2016
Alex Blake

Every major city has a certain musical character and spirit to it. From Detroit to Chicago, Los Angeles, to New York, artists who push the boundaries of music set the tone for what eventually trickles down to the masses as mainstream electronic dance music. With this in mind, Only the Beat has brought you an exclusive mix from two of Brooklyn's most discerning curators, the artist collective RVDIOVCTIVE and the event brand Unsourced, that is an hour's worth of some of the dirtiest, funkiest and grooviest tech-house tunes. "Let's just do this thing. We haven't planned any of this, we're just going to go track for track and see what happens." Devon James (the DJ/producer of RVDIOVCTIVE, not the porn star and Tiger Woods mistress, in case there was any room for confusion) had just taken the decks after we had figured out the live stream situation to broadcast to Facebook and cleaned up the evidence of an after party in this basement studio in Bushwick. eelrack, usually known as Charlie, sat by, likely contemplating the next track he was going to weave into the mix. Having an exclusive mix under my byline was a bit of a rite of passage for me as a writer and these guys were more than excited to put together a little preview of what to expect from this tour that somewhat accidentally came together. The tour, featuring headliners Sage Armstrong of Dirtybird and Eyes Everywhere of Sweat it Out/Main Course, was a result of the energy of like-minded people coming together in just the right way to promote their style of music. Discussing how the tour came together over tacos from a tortilleria about a hundred yards from the studio, the guys told me Sage was a no-brainer choice given his talent and his booking was the result of friends just kicking around ideas for a headliner. "We had him at our party in Miami and he's been killing it, so we loved the idea," Devon told me. Eyes Everywhere seemed like the perfect complement to Sage, as both Devon and Charlie had them in mind before they had even spoken to one another about it. "I brought Eyes Everywhere up because I've been keeping an eye on them since one of their tracks came out on Main Course and knew that they were somewhat local (Buffalo, New York)," Charlie told me. Turns out Devon had the same thought and Eyes Everywhere joined the lineup. 13499478_10206523085455938_909430886_o (1) This tour, coming through Brooklyn, Providence and Boston, is a big step for RVDIOVCTIVE and Unsourced. RVDIOVCTIVE started out throwing underground, unsanctioned raves around New York, but quickly grew to incorporate visual artists, video artists, dancers and more (not to mention beginning to throw legal parties). Not limiting itself to just music, RVDIOVCTIVE became a conduit to promote all forms of underground art, existing at the forefront of creativity in a variety of mediums. From underground raves to a three-city tour featuring artists from some of the most respected labels is a huge leap forward and surely represents the shifting mood of dance music as it settles into maturity after the explosion of popularity recent years have brought. RVDIOVCTIVE has booked names like mija, NGHTMRE, Jauz, djemba djemba and more far before they reached the levels of popularity they're at today. With this tour, we have an opportunity to look into the future to see the big names of tomorrow perform for us today. Unsourced began in the Bossa Nova Civic Club in Bushwick, looking to tap into underground artist networks and as the brand grew, so did the parties. Eventually moving from Bushwick to Williamsburg, the parties got bigger and bigger. Charlie, who also books talent for major festivals around the country, is looking to continue to grow the Unsourced brand, bringing the best underground artists to the forefront of the music scene. In addition to Dirtybird and Sweat it Out, Unsourced has booked artists from Toolroom, Moda Black, Pets Recordings, Crosstown Rebels, Intec Digital and more. Be sure to grab your tickets for your city before they sell out (luckily for you Brooklynites, there is no cover for the night) and check out the exclusive mix for Only the Beat below as Devon James and eelrack go back to back for an hour in their studio in Bushwick. Join the tour Facebook event page here.

OTB Exclusive - RVDIOVCTIVE & Unsourced Tour Mix

Tour Dates

June 30 - Output - The Panther Room - Brooklyn, NY July 1 - Therapy - Providence, RI - Tickets July 2 - Wonder Bar - Boston, MA - Tickets

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