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Review: Zomboy - The Outbreak LP

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Infectious, contagious, spreadable: just a few of the words you could use to describe the effects of The Outbreak, the debut long player from one of Dubstep leading lights, Zomboy. Out now on Never Say Die, The Outbreak harbors various styles within its 10 tracks  retaining the raw production technique that has made him such a firm favorite, especially across the pond. "Nuclear" kicks off proceedings; rattling eardrums with piercing high-end synth patches, ragga vocals and hard drum programming, swiftly moving into "Outbreak", featuring go to American MC Armanni Reign. The bragging rhymes compliment the music bed laid under them for one of the first standout moments on the album. Others include "Beast In The Belly," a lighter but no less effective offering with more space to breathe offered up amongst the steppy beats. "Survivors" featuring MUST DIE!, all arpeggiated lead lines and rumbling low end, is a no nonsense club banger. Same with "Skull 'n' Bones"; aggressive riffs and thumping snares aplenty. Then Zomboy explores 'big room' house territory on "WTF!?," an elaborate, if slightly contrived, attempt at emulating some of the current wave of copycat big room style of EDM flooding clubs and radio. A brash and bold album with plenty of strength, bar the minor slip of the first single. Get caught in The Outbreak and buy your copy here.