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Resolution 2018 Gets New Stage, New Date

In just a little over two months, we say goodbye to a somewhat turbulent 2017 and once again usher in the promise of a new year. With that comes the opportunity for change and fresh beginnings - a time to focus, reflect, set goals, readjust, and propel yourself in new, exciting, positive directions. Keeping "change is good" on your mind, here's some news: Resolution is moving from its traditional date of December 31st to December 29th. Just think of it as getting a two day jump on 2018. The shift will allow you to participate in USC Events' last party of the year, while still having your actual New Year's Eve open for other activities. With this change comes the addition of a new stage; bringing not only more music, but more space to dance as well. Also, another benefit of not having the show on a premium booking date is a seriously, stacked lineup. Resolution We might be ten weeks away, but start thinking about some ways to challenge yourself this next year. I'm all for the symbolism and motivation of using the date as a springboard, but no one said you have to wait until January 1st to make moves. If there is anything you want to accomplish in 2018, just think of how much closer you'll be to those goals if you get started on them today.
Resolution 2018 will be held at the WaMu Theater in Seattle, right next to where the Seahawks play. Tickets go on sale November 2nd at 10 AM PST and can be purchased on Ticketmaster, or if you want to avoid fees you can head by the CenturyLink Field Box Office.

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