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Quackson Takes Us To The Dark Side, REZZ-Style

Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Matthew Jager

Since the popularization of interstellar industrial as a genre by the likes of REZZ, the world (and maybe galaxy for that matter) has been craving more deep, dark, alien bass waves. With Mass Manipulation taking the world by storm, I personally had been left wondering, "Who could ever hope to come close to the perfection that is REZZ." Since the genre feels so unique with really only REZZ being prominent, it felt as though we may have to wait a while for other productions of an equal quality to come out. Well, I am happy to say the wait is over.

Quackson - Breathe

Enter Quackson, from Seattle, WA. Not only does he have one of the best names ever, but he has emerged as a worthy contender to take on Space Mom herself. His most recent track, 'Breathe,' channels the unsettling vibes we have all come to love and dips them in the deep end. Dark bass lines and eerie vocals will keep you engrossed all the way through and leave you wanting more. Good thing for you though, because Quackson has just that. Each one of his three productions is intergalactically insane and will have you getting weird. They really showcase the natural talent that Quackson has as a producer, and this bodes well for the future of our new favorite dark, industrial-loving duck. Quackson is looking as though he could be the next big thing. He has under 200 followers on SoundCloud at the time of writing this, but that is quickly going to change once the world catches a whiff of what he can produce. The dance music world is eagerly craving more dark industrial productions after the recent popularization of REZZ, and Quackson is uniquely positioned to help fill that hunger. He is off to a strong start, and with his career still being in it's infancy. We have to say we can't wait to see what's next for this talented producer.

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