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PrototypeRaptor Gives a Bit of Everything w/ 'Elemental' LP

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Artists who can successfully put together an album that's tracks are incredibly multi-genre'd and great across the board are getting a lot of kudos from me lately. Artists like Sub Focus, who took his traditional UK DnB style and dipped hies toes into deep house, disco and even vibey 80s ballad melodies, or MitiS, whose newest EP I recently reviewed covers a wide spectrum of types of dance music. The challenge here, is that if you're going to release an electronic album or EP with different genres, you need to do it RIGHT. Combing through the newest SoundCloud releases this morning, I gave Oklahoma-based Jonathan Paulsen's new LP a listen, released under his artist pseudonym PrototypeRaptor. The 8 track LP, titled 'Elemental' really does have a little bit of something for everyone. This guy hasn't been on my radar until today, but with his ability to take electro-style foundations and make them funky, groovy and even a little weird is something I'm really enjoying. The "Intro" gets you excited, with electric guitar samples and melodic male vocals, moving into "Sunshower," that continues the rock and electronic combo with just a little more funky disco tied in. The track takes you along a ride in a way that's almost other-worldly, heading into "Groove Bias," which is, of course, exceptionally groovy. But don't be fooled by how "Groove Bias" begins, as it packs an electro punch at the drop. "Rootwork" is where things get really interesting. This funkadelic ride turns more aggressive and dark, shooting laser beam samples and a build up that could make you feel like you're in the middle of a haunted fun house. The synths are reminiscent of a Feed Me "Trichtillomania"-type vibe, with a bit more of the guitar influence still peeking through. "You" is glitchy, groovy and filled with crooning female background vocals, reminding me of some of my favorite tunes by Kill Paris. The funkiest track on this LP by far is "Vaprus" which features some synthesized electric piano that sounds like it was taken straight out of the 60s. I wasn't sure what to be expecting until about 3:30 in, when the beat continues to build and you're hit smack in the face with an aggressive drop. These funky vibes continue through "Synesthete," until a more calm and soothing interlude brings us back to more traditional electro beats. To synesthete describes "sensation produced in one modality when a stimulus is applied to another modality, as when the hearing of a certain sound induces the visualization of a certain color." We can definitely see colors when we close our eyes with this one. This album truly is a journey. The entire trip is rounded out, ending with beautiful piano melodies in "Horizon" which makes it my favorite. This is the perfect track to watch the sun set to, calming down just as the very last bit of daylight touches the edge of the landscape. Looking forward to seeing more of PrototypeRaptor and enjoying his funky, glitchy beats this summer. Want to get your hands on 'Elemental'? You can get it here for only $6.