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Too Poor to Feed Your EDM Addiction? Read This.

Let’s face it. Most American based EDM fanatics watch the Tomorrowland or Holy Ship videos and go, “next year I’m DEFINITELY going.” Be real here people...  

We aren't.

  If I had it my way, of course I would use the rest of my savings to buy a ticket to Europe for Tomorrowland or Miami for UMF but unfortunately being an adult usually sucks big time sometimes and I have to use those thousands of dollars to pay for things like my car, food and my overwhelming Nordstrom credit card debt. Don't fret, friends. You don’t have to cry yourself to sleep every night just because you can’t be one of those lucky 300,000 people from all across the world that have managed to fiscally save and make their way to every festival imaginable. There are ways you can manage to make it to the music festival(s) and to save yourself from severe FOMO.

1) Sit down with your Bank or a Financial Specialist/Advisor

You should probably do this anyway, to you know, organize and budget your life and all that fun stuff. Sit down with your financial advisor and talk realistic budgets (you can also go to your bank and set up a meeting with a financial planner). Create a savings plan and/or a budget for the year. If you plan far ahead enough you can save for a big trip by placing increments of money away at a time. There are also great personal finance apps available for smart phones such as, iReconcile,that let you know and see how much you spend weekly so you can save yourself from being poor!

2) Befriend DJs

LOL, I know it's a little far fetched, but in all seriousness, this works. Next time you have a chance to meet a producer or know friends in the industry, take the invitation!  Be careful not to overstep your boundaries, and DON'T over it do with the favors but most DJs are actually regular people and like having friends around when they get free passes. DIPLO-and-the-ratchet-e1377639489436  

3) Get your tickets early and do layaway

I cannot stress this enough. Forget waiting for your friends to make up their minds (they suck!) and get your tickets the second they come out because prices WILL get higher with time. If you end up having no friends and can’t go you can always sell them, or make new friends at the show. So take the leap of faith and buy them the day they go on sale. Be sure to keep track of this by following all of your favorite event companies such as Insomniac on their social media outlets so you know exactly when tickets will be released!

4) Presents!

Festival tickets are the gift that keeps on giving. Pick a big one for your next celebration such as your birthday, graduation or your half birthday and ask mommy and/or daddy for tickets of your choice! I would advise you to actually sit down with them while they buy the tickets (we all know how adults are so good at using technology these days).

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 5) Stop spending money on dumb shit

Yeah yeah, easier said then done. But did you know, if you budget and save by not eating out/and or drinking every night you can use THAT to pay for festivals and shows? AMAZINGGGG. It works. I swear. All in all, here are a few options you can start practicing to help save your way to your next festival destination. These are just a handful of ideas, but there are so many ways you can turn your dreams into reality by just planning ahead of time. What festivals will you be attending in 2014?