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Party Thieves & Lazy Boyz - Rise

Wednesday, September 30, 2015
Madison Riccardi

This release happens to be on a HUGE day for Jared McFarlin aka Party Thieves, with today being his 23rd Birthday and the 2 year anniversary of his Party Thieves project. Turning jut 23 and celebrating the 2-year anniversary of his Party Thieves project. Today they have afree track for all the fans, supporters, and newly founded #THEFTARMY family. Party Thieves collaborated with newly formed trio, Lazy Boyz, primarily based out of Canada, Los Angeles, and New York. The trio is made up of Trevor Vesneski, Aaron Hewitt, and Jared McFarlin aka Party Thieves himself.

Party Thieves & Lazy Boyz - Rise

Party Thieves, who is back from a bit of a music hiatus, is back stronger than ever. Coming off the high of playing at the first Hot 100 Billboard Music Festival to then announcing collaborations with Flosstradamus, Mako, Jackal, B-Sides, and JayKode then finally leaving for his first Australian Tour for the month of October, Party Thieves has NO sign of slowing down! Lazy Boyz’ mission statement is, ‘if it is not making you feel the energy to get up and move, it's not worth doing’. They are all about droppin' the best tunes they can possibly collectively create. As a trio, they seamlessly mix all their styles to create that signature Lazy Boyz sound. Some people say Festival Trap is dead but Party Thieves & Lazy Boyz are clearing proving that statement wrong as this track goes hard as hell. This is a massive track, if you can't tell that from the first drop just wait until the last one, it'll have you getting so turnt up. This is a free download you aren't going to want to pass up. This track has had early support from FlosstradamusTJRHerobustBro SafariOokaySikdopeSeek N’ DestroyThe ChainsmokersCrazeCreaky JackalsKayzoJackalLookasRicky Remedy, and WUKI.


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