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Paradiso Festival: Where Digital Meets Nature

Friday, June 02, 2017
Matthew Jager

"Where digital meets nature." For the past five years, this has been the mantra for the premier Pacific Northwest dance music festival Paradiso. Tucked away two and a half hours east of Seattle at one of the most beautiful and magical outdoor venues in the world, this annual gathering of all walks of life and tastes in music gather for three days of  dancing, self expression, community, and of course music. Over the past few years, Paradiso Festival has been making waves with stellar lineups, world class production, exciting attractions and experiences, all while having the breathtaking backdrop of The Gorge and the Columbia River. Paradiso is so much more than just any old music festival. It is a gathering in nature to celebrate a passion we all share: electronic dance music. After 5 sublime installments of Paradiso, USC Events, the events company that puts on Paradiso Festival, has come a long way from it's humble first year when it was only a single day festival. Now as the 6th year quickly approaches, USC has outdone themselves by putting together the most diverse and cultured lineup ever to be held at The Gorge. This year's lineup encompasses nearly every genres of dance music. From deep house to hard style, DnB to Melbourne bounce, big room to trippy experimental bass, every genre is represented in some capacity and those being brought into play represent some of the best in their respective genres. featured-image5 Any festival can bring in a diverse and musically cultured lineup, but what makes Paradiso more than just a music festival is everything that surrounds the music. The music is the feature, just like any other music festival, but when when you start to look at all of the other aspects of Paradiso, what makes Paradiso so special begins to be revealed. To start, the community. The people of Paradiso are at the heart of what makes this festival so amazing. Everywhere you look you see a sea of smiling people dancing drenched in golden rays, each looking out for one another and embodying the meaning of PLUR to the fullest. A carefree blissful scent is always in the air, and everyone breathes it in deeply. The energy and vibes from everyone attending is contagious and helps create an environment seemingly away from it all. For a few brief days in June, everyone seems to be content as they gather for the annual celebration. In addition to the community are the attractions. Art installations, carnival rides, craft stations, and varied performers are all over the festival grounds, providing downtime options when you are tired of dancing. These attractions change every year, but always bring with them some exciting things to do with your friends. When paired with all of the lovely people of Paradiso, there is a great chance of meeting someone new and forming a friendship that you might not have expected. Last but not least, the Conscious Crew. This group of volunteers might be present at all USC events, but their presence is something that directly translates to Paradiso being an incredible festival. Their bright orange and green shirts glisten in the sunlight and their smiling faces are always willing to help with whatever you may need. For a festival that is outside and vulnerable to the elements, having a dedicated group of friendly individuals to help with hydration, medical needs, a passing high five, or event information adds an extra layer on top of the already amazing festival experience. Knowing a few members on the crew personally and having interacting with them multiple times over my years of attending USC events, without Conscious Crew, these types of events would have a completely different overall feel. When you have Conscious Crew around, the entire festival going experience feels safer. Whether it’s your first time or you are a seasoned veteran, you know that somewhere close there is someone who can help, and will help without judging no matter what you need. featured-image6 Paradiso festival has held a special place in my heart since year one and seeing it grow and blossom over the past 5 years has been truly special. This year is shaping up to be the best year yet, and with a lineup featuring Zeds Dead, Marshmello, Porter Robinson, Tiesto, Flux Pavilion b2b Doctor P, Camo & Krooked, Mija, Vini Vici and so many more, you can believe this year’s gathering of beautiful people will have a soundtrack to match. If you are thinking about going to Paradiso, just go. It may just change your life. Limited tickets are available and full event information can be found via the links below.

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