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OTB's Top Five Can't Miss Sets at Minimal Effort New Year's Eve

Tuesday, December 06, 2016
Dawn Runge

Underrated Presents is again bringing the highest level of audiovisual entertainment for dance floor fiends to celebrate an incoming 2017. Minimal Effort New Year's Eve will be held at Los Angeles Center Studios, a venue where their Halloween party stretched its wings 5-fold capacity from the previous year. If you build it, they will come, indeed. Underrated Presents was wise to have their Halloween event in the same spot, giving a trial run for arguably the biggest party night of the year. While a few small issues popped up, with that experience under their belt, it is likely New Years Eve will be as thrilling as the line-up suggests. Minimal Effort Take a look below at our top 5 sets to see at Minimal Effort to usher you in to 2017: 1. Stephan Bodzin (Live set - LA Premiere) Join me in the Cult of Bodzin. I haven't met a defector yet. Bodzin is a classically trained musician who has been making electronic music for about ten years, but just in the past year I've really started to see the devotees rise. He truly is a monarch of melodies, and his live sets deliver a journey that demands your attention. Bodzin also takes us on a different emotional journey - one where you watch an artist become completely immersed in his craft. He grimaces, sweat streams from his bald points I question if it's Beethoven incarnate. Be gone, you too-cool, side-steppin' DJs. There is no room for you in Bodzin's world.  See what I mean below at 58:12. 2. Henry Saiz (Live set) Let's just call him Heater Henry. Also wowing with incredible live performances, Saiz gets the dance floor smoldering. I often see a problem with a live sets at prime-dance-time events. The DJs seem to forget that people are there to express themselves. Saiz manages to show off his live skills, while also remembering that the chance to move our bodies is why we choose to shove ourselves into small spaces with overpriced drinks at unthinkable hours. 3. Amtrac I have a secret. I like to smile. I like also like to laugh, heartily. I like to talk to strangers. And sometimes I don't wear black. Sometime I feel like I'm downright not worthy of my techno peers. So I'd like to give Amtrac a shout-out for having as many feels as I do. I see you, boo. The alabaster Kentuckian is king of the remix, but we must not forget that a DJ is first and foremost a selector and taste-maker. I expect to have some moments of wild abandon when Amtrac delights. 4. Recondite (Live set)  Take a helping of Bodzin, a splash of Martinez brothers, a generous dollop of Tale of Us, and a thesaurus, and you have Recondite. With his first gig at Berghain in 2009, his regular international touring has him shining amung the pyschedelic techno stars. 5. &Me &Me can be a slow starter, but as long as you are patient he'll reward you with some tasty tidbits. In the set below, it takes him about a half hour to bring up the energy, but he slides in some nice pieces. Specifically, Flashmobs' edit of Rampa's "Everything" about 48 minutes in. Never over-the-top.
Tickets are selling quickly, so if you haven't locked them in, head here to get yours before you miss your chance. The last general admission tier is almost sold out.

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