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OTB's Prescription For Winter Sick Days

Caught a cold? Feeling under the weather? Or worse, developing a "virus" from listening to that overplayed Martin Garrix & Moti track? No problem, OTB is here with a remedy to help you kick those winter blues! Personally, I have been battling my own cold this season, but these tracks and podcasts have alleviated my winter time sadness! Check out our eclectic set of tracks to enjoy the holiday festivities!

1. Above & Beyond - Robot Heart Yoga

This podcast is simply beautiful, I don't know what more I can say; it's such a calming and self reflective podcast. When battling whatever ailment that comes your way, just close your eyes and listen to the beauty that is Above & Beyond. This particular podcast was made for a yoga class taught by Elena Brower at Burning Man. If you love Above & Beyond check out these current pieces: IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: ABOVE AND BEYOND GROUP THERAPY 100 & WHY ABOVE AND BEYOND’S NEW ALBUM IS ALL WE NEED

2. John O'Callaghan - One Special Particle

This Irish DJ knows the right beats to take you into another dimension, something that is necessary when beating that terrible fever and achy body. I personally love love love Trance music, especially John O'Callaghan, and even more so when I am under the weather because the lyrics are minimal and I am able to get lost in my own mind. [caption id="attachment_29149" align="aligncenter" width="500"]magical wolf rainbow gif! magical wolf rainbow gif![/caption]

3. The Weeknd - Often (Kygo Remix)

Norwegian producer Kygo alters The Weeknd's original track Often by overlaying soothing and serene beats to this already oh-so chilling vocal track. This tune lets you drift into ultimate relaxation mode, enabling you to rest up and gather your strength for the holidays. Personally, I have this song on repeat.

4. Corbu - Neon Hallway (Autograf Remix) 

Autograf is a Chicago DJ/producing group that brings a fresh element of chill to the world of EDM. This track is a mix of Corbu's song Neon Hallway. It is very relaxing, and enables a different side of EDM to be displayed; a more subtle and laid back vibe with a hint of tropical undertones; after all, in the cold sick days of winter, who doesn't wish to be healthy, lying on the beach somewhere dipping your their toes in the warm water. 

5. Knife Party - EDM Trend Machine

Believe it or not, Knife Party's Track "EDM Trend Machine" made the remedy list. It enables listeners to have a peppy beat without an over abundance of bass while healing. Sometimes glooming around in depressing songs makes you sicker, so having this peppy song defiantly awakens the soul.

6. Zomboy - Immunity

While building your immunity, do so while jamming out to Zomboy. When I listen to this track, I imagine my body actually fighting off the infection. This track is pretty accurate to what your body probably feels like when your sick: relaxed, battling an infection, building that immunity, and then back to your normal self. Gnarly.

7. Umek & Simon Doty - Divine

This Slovenian producer and DJ hits this beat straight on the head with this next song. Umek's track is uh-MAZ-ing on so many levels for any of the sick days you may have. It's vibrant enough to keep you pushing on, yet relaxing enough to ease the aches and pains that are driving you nuts. For me, I crank this jam on when I am finally able to move around, and not lay in bed all day.

8. Astrix & John 'OO' Flemming - 3rd Time Lucky (RITMO Remix)

The Trance gurus Astrix and John 'OO' Flemming combined forces only to be remixed by the one and only RITMO, creating the perfect song for those winter days! Just close your eyes, and feel your body be healed by the melodic meshing and blending rhythms in this track.

9. Wankelmut - My Head Is A Jungle (Robert Schôen)

This up-and-coming German DJ creates a unique remix with this vocal track by injecting a melodic fusion that alleviates stress for listeners. I would not be surprised if this remix by Robert Schôen blows up in 2015. This track goes on my sick playlist, simply because it is a tune that is very calming and different. 

10. Adventure Club - Fade (Feat. Zak Waters)

Don't let those sick days take you down!!! This last track from Adventure Club, to awaken the soul! Perfect for finally beating down that winter illness! What do you think? Does music have the ability to cure your winter sickness?