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The much-anticipated Holy Ship 2015 lineup has arrived! This year, due to popular demand, the boat that keeps on giving decided to make it a two weekend experience so more loyal HARD fans could make unforgettable memories. See what all the hype's about in the 2014 official after-movie below. As a 3x Holy Ship veteran I've been eagerly awaiting to see who I would be taking my next voyage with. I was even more interested as to how they would split the two boats with their lineup, as a mess up with my account had landed me in the second weekend... Well that time came on Friday, and as my eyes caught the likes of Pretty Lights and Duke Dumont for weekend 1 I was overjoyed! However, as I browsed down to weekend 2 I have to say my delight was slightly dampened. Now don't get me wrong, there's PLENTY to be happy about with the weekend 2 lineup, but it's so similar to all of the other years I've gone that I couldn't help but feel a little jipped. Not to mention it appears that the boats will be heading to different islands. I'll just say this now, if we don't get to go to the pirate ship island I'll be pissed. Anyway, for all you newbies I've decided to break down my must-see acts of Holy Ship for both weekends. Enjoy!



Pretty Lights

This incredibly talented producer and DJ needs no introduction. If you haven't seen him, all I can say is just do it. His stellar series "The Hot Shit" on SiriusXM should help make this one a no-brainer.

Gorgon City

Gorgon City have been absolutely KILLING it lately. While I haven't had the chance to see them live, I've been a participant at a show with one-half of Gorgon City Kye Gibbon when he was doing his previous project Foamo, and if that performance says anything then they'll definitely live up to the hype.


I had the chance to catch Doorly a few times on the first Holy Ship, and I'd happily go and see him time and time again. Expect a great Ibiza-esque show and some serious spinning skills, most notably with his nose.


Another Holy Ship veteran, the funky duo Oliver has shown time and time again with their booty shaking productions that they're an act not to be missed! You won't be able to get enough of tracks like "MYB" and "Disco Nap."

Henry Fong

I think his bio sums him up pretty perfectly: "Henry Fong's big-room progressive and electro-house sound, coupled with his precise DJ skills, have launched him as one of the best new acts around." Listen for yourself :) Get to know Henry Fong a little bit better in our recent Behind The Beat Interview

Duke Dumont

There's something about Duke Dumont that makes me want to move... And apparently with over 7 million plays on his track "I Got U," other people feel the same.


Dusky is another producer who I've grown to love over the past few years, and another DJ that I will be sadly missing on weekend 2. Expect lots of house and techno, and prepare to go vun deeper.


I still have Rustie's 2012 Essential Mix engraved in my head. If BBC Radio 1 messes with him, so should you.

Annie Mac

Come on guys... It's Annie Mac! The true pioneer for female DJs who delivers the next hottest tune time and time again. If you want to see the woman that creates legends, make sure to check her out.

Notable Mention

Knife Party

 While I haven't been a huge fan of seeing Knife Party live, I can't help but be drawn to them due to their Pendulum past. With an album on the way you can expect some brand new material to be bumping the main deck.



Sub Focus

Sub Focus is one of my favorite DnB acts of all time. Unfortunately the last time I saw him at Coachella his set was abruptly ended by staff, much to everyone's disappointment. What that should tell you is that this guy goes HARD.

Mat Zo

As part of the #trancefam I'm super pumped to see Mat Zo on this lineup. While I'm not expecting him to drop some of his older Trance-tastic tunes like "Lucky Strike" or "Near The End," his latest album and breath-taking releases pay testament that this guy knows how to rock a dancefloor. Hint: If you bring him an eighth he'll be your friend forever.

Jack Beats

I have fond memories of getting down to Jack Beats on more than one occasion, and each time was nastier than the last. Catch these guys if you feel the need to get down and dirty, and make sure to say hi when you see me losing my shit front and center at every one of their sets.

The M Machine

Who doesn't love "Tiny Anthem" and "Promise Me A Rose Garden"? While these tracks might be a little outdated, they're still often in my music rotation. After taking off a few short years ago with the help of OWSLA, the trio that is The M Machine is still one of my favorite underdogs.

Busy P

Busy P is definitely another legend not worth skipping. This French DJ & producer puts the 'P' in 'Party', plus he was the creator of one of the baddest labels in town, Ed Banger Records, and once managed the phenomenon that is Daft Punk. His set is sure to blow some socks off.

Milo & Otis

It seems Milo & Otis are everywhere these days... Another group in the OWSLA family, I'll be hitting this set up just to see what all the hype is about. Plus Milo & Otis is my favorite childhood movie of ALL TIME.

Notable Mention

Fatboy Slim

I LOVE Fatboy Slim! His incredible stage dancing and high-energy sets was a bright light on some of the darker, wompier DJs. It makes me smile just thinking about it :) tumblr_n7wf43ofJ41sg1pn1o1_400

Weekend 1 vs. Weekend 2

It's a simple question, which lineup would you rather attend? Vote on the poll below and let's give the people at Holy Ship some advice for 2016's booking.

Who are you most excited to see on Holy Ship!? Comment in the box below!