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Osiris - Brand New From Olly James & Swede Dreams

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Englishman Olly James teams up with Canadian teen-wonders Swede Dreams to bring us "Osiris" for the low, low price of free.99! Whether you like big-room bangers or not, one thing that's indisputable is the bass is heavy and the vibe's electric! Pacing at first, "Osiris" warms up with a portamento (or glide) synth over your traditional big-room intro. The break in this track is big but the choice of instruments might be too cliche for those of you on your high horse (sorry). Cheesy or not, the drop is what we're all here for and this one's a killer! Bumblebee EPThe aforementioned portamento coupled with a sliding saw synth set the stage for the fat ass kick. Pitch controlled kicks used to be only in hardstyle but in the recent months more and more banger-house producers have been unsatisfied with just one-note kicks the whole song. IMO - 'sbout time! Olly James has been coming out with such big tracks recently. He just released his Bumblebee EP on Club Cartel Records and it's absolutely massive so go check that out! Swede DreamsNot too much is known about Swede Dreams except they write killer music and are supported by some of the biggest names in electro/big-room house like Bingo Players, Danny Avila, Deorro and D.O.D. I'm sure with just a little more time these guys will be up there on the main stage.