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Nicole Moudaber Drops 'Bittersweet EP' on Drumcode

Thursday, May 15, 2014
Sean Peterson

moudaber   Techno queen Nicole Moudaber has returned to Drumcode to drop her two newest tracks, 'I Know Where I've Been' and 'Bittersweet'  on her new 'Bittersweet EP'.

I Know Where I've Been

The A- side ‘I Know Where I've Been’, is a deep rolling techno machine that uses a constant building percussion loop that eventually explodes into some serious funky signature Moudaber techno!  I am confident that Moudaber knows exactly where she's been. This track has left me MINDBLOWN. 'I Know Where I've Been' has my early vote for Track of the Year.    


‘Bittersweet’ is a techno belter that uses a hypnotic synth rhythm that will take the listener into another world. The repetitive claps induce a flurry of energy and excitement whilst supported by the crisp highs. I could get lost in this for hours. Hypnotic doesn't even describe it.     Repetitive techno beats are my daily kryptonite. Moudaber delivers with her  'Bittersweet EP'. It makes my week to learn that Drumcode picked this EP up for their label. Moudaber is smashing it so far this year, and I look forward to the summer of techno ahead.