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tumblr_mi0xjlcnlM1rrm2dxo1_500 Hello and welcome! If you are reading this, than there is a good chance that you have made it through big drops, overplayed vocal samples, and flying cakes and are now looking for more variety in your electronic music. That is where we come in. Welcome to Only The Beat’s Newcomer Guide To Non-Mainstream EDM. No doubt by now you have noticed the copy / paste world of mainstream EDM, but have hope! There is a better way. This post will aim to equip anyone who wants to expand their horizons in the world of electronic music by featuring a few distinct styles outside of the big room party music and, by extension, be a gate way into the wonderful world of alternative electronic music styles.  

For those still having withdrawals from the main stage and want something up beat and funky, may I introduce you an amazing funk artist; Opiuo.

Merging modern dance beats with #tbt style funk grooves, Opiuo provide something sorely missing in mainstream electronic music; soul. Ditching the formulaic tendencies of electronic music and favoring a grungier synth, Opiuo proves time and time again with his music that there is so much more to this world than stereotypical drops and how a track doesn’t have to follow the main stage trend of festival music to be fun to dance to.

Additional artists you may like if you like Opiuo:

Koan Sound:




For those still having nightmares of how many times they have heard ODESZA’s “Say My Name” but still love that style of music, let me introduce you to Slow Magic.

Whimsical melodies, superb drumming, and beautiful chopped vocals are the tools Slow Magic uses to create dreamlike compositions with his music. His live performances are some of the most crowd engaging I have ever seen as he regularly descends from the stage to drum live in the crowd. (You can find an interview I did with him last year HERE) His most recent album release, “How To Run Away,” is a masterpiece in its own right and shows off the beauty that a more relaxed style of electronic music can have.

Additional artists you may like if you enjoy Slow Magic:

Cashmere Cat

Kodak To Graph


For those looking to be a hipster and follow the indie crowd, Glass Animals has you covered.

Their signature style of jungle beats and ambient melodies have propelled them to one of the most talked about acts of 2014, and seem to be on track to making 2015 their biggest year yet. Their debut album “Zaba” blew my expectations away and has shown the world that indie electronic music is a force to be reckoned with.

Additional artists you may like if you enjoy Glass Animals:



There are so many additional EDM sub-genres that could be explored but not enough time in this article for them. So to end, we have included a few additional tracks from artists you may want to look more into. Hopefully this will help you find new music to groove out to and that will keep you dancing for months to come. Also, the next time you attend a music festival or a show comes to your town, explore the diverse world of alternative electronic music.  



Mr Fijiwiji

Mt Eden

Purity Ring