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New Years Eve & EDM: Choosing the Right Experience for You

Friday, November 22, 2013
Elizabeth Ninivaggi

When it comes down to monumental party holidays such as New Years Eve, there has to be a crucial decision made by us music lovers; who do we see, where do we see them and why? This year there are an overwhelming amount of gigs, shows and appearances happening across the country. Everyone wants a great NYE experience, and a good set with even better artists at an awesome venue; how do you make sure you pick the best one for you? Here's a breakdown of some concepts to think about before you take that leap of faith (and hurt your wallet a little).

Festival vs. Show

Whether you're stuck choosing between a  festival such as White Wonderland or a show like Kaskade  at XS there are definitely pros and cons between being in a nightclub or at a massive. + A benefit to attending a Festival is the experience. With all those random fireworks that go off during those memorable sets, I don't think you can have a better NYE;  however, they are usually bit pricier than the average club ticket.

Quintino and Afrojack on NYE 2013 at Pier 94 in NYC

Quintino and Afrojack on NYE 2013 at Pier 94 in NYC

+If you're in a club, you can experience the vibe that you get from being in a smaller space, and are more comfortable inside. A con to this is that you can expect the venue to be packed to the max which means 30 minute long drink and bathroom wait lines... [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="818"] Avicii on NYE 2013 at XS Nightclub in Vegas[/caption]

East Coast vs West Coast

Now that you've picked the setting, where exactly are you going? Here are a few options with pros and cons to both coasts. +If you head to the East Coast, remember that A) NYC is the center of New Year's Eve and B) You're in the first time zone to celebrate the New Year in the US! But, it WILL be cold and you WILL freeze at some point, or loose that expensive jacket you wore out to keep warm. +If you're on the West Coast, there are a variety of gigs going on in party cities like LA, San Francisco and Vegas. There are even a variety of events going on in places such as Tahoe, San Diego and Seattle. The issues is that with so much going on there is more decisions to be made, and driving around California is always a pain.

Who are you going to see??

We can't forget about the most important aspect of picking our NYE plans: what DJ are we going to see? Here is where it all comes down to personal choice; whether you want a rowdy party with some trap and electro with Diplo and GTA at OMFG NYE in San Diego, or some experience some deep house with Deadmau5 in NYC, that decision that comes down to your preference only!

So tell us, OTB readers, where will YOU be spending your New Years Eve? We can only imagine it will be somewhere epic. Post your plans into the comments!