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Nero Premieres Stunning Music Video for 'The Thrill'

Monday, May 11, 2015
Janessa Demeule

The video for "The Thrill" has been heavily anticipated since Nero announced their new album. No strangers to waiting, the fans have been rewarded with one amazing video premiere. A rather surreal moment after years of waiting, the final product is nothing short of what we as fans have come to expect from the British group. A dazzling, dystopian dream fueled by a formidable visual presence. Alana Watson takes to the forefront surrounded by all sorts of wires, speakers and screens;  lights sweeping over her as if they are scanning her. Joe Ray and Dan Stephen take to the background, in perfect symmetry to one another. They contrast the lightness of Watson's voice, with the weightiness of their bass.  It is the perfect visual contrast of how the band works. Visually it is rather pleasurable to see not only the contrast in character, but the usage of camera angles and space. There is always something drawing your eye around the stage. From the light-up mic stand to the modulation wheels on the synths, everything about the video pulls you in. As the video reaches it's climax, Watson begins to shimmer as if the spectrum of her words are trying to break free from her mortal shell. Even though fans will have to wait another few months until the Between II Worlds releases on August 28th, their consistent patience is being rewarded as the date draws closer.  Until that day, the hype for this album is not only real, but lived up to with each teaser Nero delivers.