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Mr FijiWiji’s Dogma EP Is Your New Secret Obsession

Monday, May 30, 2016
Alex Zimmerman

I’m going to be honest here. I haven’t heard a lot of stellar music lately until now. I don’t know what it was exactly, but nothing has hit me “in the feels” until Mr FijiWiji’s latest EP, Dogma, fell into my inbox. The five track EP incorporates the best of chill bass music into a short set of songs that fit together perfectly, yet still hold their own. Ambient melodies, heart-throbbing bass, and chilling vocals all make the Dogma EP an easy favorite of 2016. Listen to it below:

Mr FijiWiji - Dogma EP

“Thought Police” opens the the album with a track I’ve had on repeat continuously. I’ve always been a sucker for those spacey synths heard in the background, as well as ambient melodies. As the words repeat, “you’re safe now, I’ve got you;” the tones Mr FijiWiji creates behind the lyrics send chills down my spine and have me wanting more.

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Anna Yvette joins in on “Hostage” continuing the outpour of emotions in a 30 Seconds to Mars style track that's guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes. If you're struggling with a relationship or trying to get over a breakup, this song will make you cry. Even if you aren’t dealing with anything like that, the emotions “Hostage” carries with each note will make you remember some of your darkest secrets. Proceed with caution.

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Right from the opening note, you can tell “Stop At Nothing” is not like the previous two. With a brilliant house beat, a sigh of relief rushes over you as your emotions settle down from the heaviness of the first two tracks…but wait just a minute. The sultry synth melody starting at 2:20 transcends this beat, giving this track a darker feel to it meant for the hidden industrial dance floors in every city. Lucas Marx joins Mr FijiWiji on the fourth track “Surrounded” and the EP just keeps getting better. Lucas’ vocals emulate The Weeknd as Mr FijiWiji places a melodic dubstep track behind the vocals, accentuating the emotions behind the words With a rumbling bass on the bridge, intricate drum samples, and a gorgeous synth melody consuming your ears, “Surrounded” is sure to be an iconic track on the Dogma EP. It may be “Time to Say Goodbye” to the Dogma EP, but Mr FijiWiji spared no expense on the final track, bringing Direct and Aruna into the mix to end it with a bang. Aruna’s vocals are simply beautiful. I honestly could listen to that first verse forever. The piano’s melodic chords hit the heart strings of every listener, perfectly matching the vocals for a track that you just won’t want to end. I don’t have enough words to describe the Dogma EP. You may not hear any of these tracks out at nightclubs, and honestly I’m okay with that. These tracks won’t blow your speakers, but they will blow your mind. Brendan’s Neuroscience studies are definitely changing his style of music for the better, as the Dogma EP is by far my favorite release of his.

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