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Monstercat Celebrates Five Years with Anniversary Album

Saturday, July 30, 2016
Alex Zimmerman

Monstercat is celebrating their 5th anniversary with a special compilation album for the masses. Featuring older Monstercat artists including Noisestorm and Muzzy as well as newcomers WRLD, Laszlo and Nitro Fun, this anniversary album has something for everyone. From Ephixa and Stephen Walking's dance ready anthem "Matches" to Muzzy's "Crescendo," the album spreads across every genre defining the label's position in the electronic music industry. I found myself gravitating to Rogue's "Imperfect Views." I don't know if it was the absolutely perfect title name or the fact that I love the song. From it's massive drum kick to the perfect blend of chill and heavy beats, it encompasses everything that I look for in a great song and encompasses what it means to be a part of the Monstercat family. Laszlo got a little "Tribal" in his track as he combines the dark jungle vibes with his signature progressive synthesizer making a brilliant blend of the two ready for any dancefloor. "Break the Silence" combines WRLD, Nitro Fun, Slips & Slurs, Subtact and Richard Caddock into a compilation track perfect for this album. All the tracks culminate into "Before We Fade" by Tristam, into a perfect album ender leaving you excited for the future of the label. Download the album for free by signing up here and listen to the entire album below.

Monstercat 5 Year Anniversary Album

Many music industry professionals continue to warn about the "death" of the label and most people tend to agree. In the face of all this adversity, we've seen Monstercat not only succeed but thrive in this day and age, enticing the newest cut of producers to push the envelopes of dance music. Growing from a small YouTube channel to a successful record label, Monstercat shows no sign of slowing down, so grab hold of their coattails, it's a fabulous ride. Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting at @OnlyTheBeatEDM with your thoughts on this fifth anniversary album.

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