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Mija Disregards Genres in Her Latest Mix

Wednesday, December 03, 2014
Alex Blake

The brashly worded concept of “fuck a genre” has it’s nascent beginnings in the very foundation of electronic music. The idea is just as its name implies; genres are to be disregarded (and presumably, the music is to be appreciated, regardless of its Soundcloud tag). By avoiding the very definitional concept of genres, electronic music is able to transcend the easy boxes traditional four-piece bands find themselves placed within. This is not to say all artists choose to do so. Disregard genres Mija, the producer and DJ who was catapulted into the spotlight by her stellar b2b sunrise set with Skrillex at Bonnaroo, has readily embraced this concept with her latest mix. Starting with trap, progressing through various incarnations of house and dub, and even making a stop-off in some Latin grooves, Mija’s “fk a genre” mix (lovingly given away as a free download) is easily one of the most stunning examples of the notion I’ve seen. HankPerhaps I’ve been overly romanticized by this mix, perhaps I’m just writing this on a good day, but regardless of my state of mind, the embodiment of “fuck a genre” is important to the progression and identity of electronic music itself. Electronic music is born of a generation that has redefined what constitutes musical art. Much like the Hippie Generation of the 60’s (not to be a disparaging comparison) our electronic music generation has broken free of the former musical paradigm; we can use whatever sounds in whatever way we like to make whatever music we feel like. We are no longer constrained by a former musical paradigm. Much like when Dylan faced criticism for “going electric” in the 60’s, producers are frequently accused (from both the outside and inside of the electronic world) of making “toilet sounds” for simply using the new musical tools that are available. What Mija has done in this mix is dispel the notion that some genre is superior to the other, and even further, she establishes that staggering diversity within a single set can be achieved successfully. This mix defines what the electronic music world is about; expression unconfined by any pressure other than simply “making music.” It’s not about genres, it’s about creativity and identity. Our world, the one that all of us have created as fans, DJ’s, and producers, etc. should not be constrained by genre. We are different. Our world is different. Our music should be different. And Mija gets that.