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They Might Be Giants – L.A.'s Minimal Effort Halloween

Monday, November 07, 2016
Dawn Runge

Underrated Presents took a big leap when they expanded their Minimal Effort Halloween party from a 500-person to 5000-person capacity. That leap almost missed the mark, but managed to hang on and climb back up to a solid overall event. And with the release of their New Year’s Eve lineup, it is apparent that they are ready to climb back in the ring to compete as one of the top places to ring in the new year. Minimal Effort's main strength lies in their line-up. Without a doubt, they offer world-recognized heavy hitters for true house and techno devotees. Minimal Effort draws those who eat, sleep and dance proper electronic music. The artists at this event, whether providing soulful house or dark side-stepping tech basslines, treat their crafts with passion and bring experience respected by their peers.
This was the set that all other DJs on the line-up came to watch. And I swear – I witnessed it – they danced.
It has been a long time since I've been to an event where I couldn't pick just one set that was my total favorite. Tiga's L.A. debut of his live set was a perfect combination of his sing-along hits and his newer material that borders on experimental. This was the set that all other DJs on the line-up came to watch. And I swear – I witnessed it – they danced. The Suara artists like Coyu and Edu Imbernon did not disappoint, bringing the melodic depth I was looking forward to. Jonas Rathsman and Mark Farina charged up the energy of the main stage and the Suara room in the early evening hours. Even though one of my top picks, Satori, didn't play due to travel issues, I was satiated with the available choices.

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With devoted artists generally comes respectful fans. I repeatedly came across polite, enthusiastic and fun attendees. The unspoken code of dance floor etiquette was carried out well in most areas of the festival. While there are always exceptions to the rule, the overall feel of the event was passionate. Another positive note was the availability of facilities and spacing of the three stages. Those looking for sustenance during the stretch of the event had multiple delicious food trucks available at prices that weren't outrageous. There were multiple bars with friendly, efficient service. There were enough Porta-potties (a key to event enjoyment). A transition to an event of this size is not without missteps. The doors opened over an hour late, and some attendees felt that they weren't given adequate notice that the doors wouldn't be open on time. This was quite frustrating for those who came early to support local acts. Once in, the side stage also wasn't up and going due to some technical issues arranging for Tiga's later set. However, the issue was resolved quite quickly once the doors were open. I also felt like the Suara room didn't showcase the talent as well as the outdoor stages. The room was incredibly hot, and the set-up felt more like your friend rented out a high school gym for a DJ gig than an environment befitting of the names performing. Now the good news: Minimal Effort is going to be doing it again for New Year's Eve, and have now have their first festival-type event under their belt, ensuring that the next will bring nothing but the best. And looking at this line-up, it will be the best. Tickets to Minimal Effort NYE go on sale today at Noon.

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