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Los Angeles Halloween Recap

Tuesday, November 07, 2017
Dawn Runge

Cover photo: YokoO at Subtract on the Pier's Sunday Halloween edition. Photo by: Conner Lee Coughenour Photography West Coast editor Dawn hit up three great parties from our Halloween guide- who misses multiple opportunities to dress up and get down? Not us, that’s for sure. Saturday night, we chose Blood Moon 4 at the Lincoln Speakeasy on the West Side. Deep Downunder Productions, the lovely duo of Stacy and Jamesen, throw some of our favorite pool parties. We were excited to spend some time at the Speakeasy, which is attached to the Custom Hotel. True to the Speakeasy name, guests get a password, enter through a low-profile entrance, and aren’t allowed to take photos. Deep Downunder worked with Peace in Noise, both the opening DJ duo and the recognized party collective on the West Side. One thing not missing with these two groups is true hospitality and connection. As an early arriver, we chatted with all 4 of the organizers, who were extremely pleasant. Taches was the main act, and he kept the dance floor full of an enthusiastic crowd. The crowd was an interesting mix, which is to be expected on Halloween. I felt a lot of the love that is expected in the dance music scene, with some douche-bros around. However, the Lincoln Speakeasy handled this well. We were standing at the bar, waiting for a drink, when a guy barreled in front of us. We had an exchange in which he said “Sorry, you should have been more aggressive.” A moment later the bartender brings the guy drinks, and then slides 2 drinks in front of us. I told the guy I really appreciated his gesture, and that it was kind to buy the drink. He retorted, “I didn’t mean to, but I guess I am now.” The bartender gave us a knowing look. It’s hard to find that kind of service in the high turnover environment of LA, but we were glad to have it. The Lincoln Speakeasy is an underground venue with unique décor as well. The checkered tiles, plush couches, chill room, and fun bar stools are a nice alternative to some underground dance parties that are literally held in basements. Maybe I’m getting old, but it’s nice to have a cozy place to rest between dance floor moments. On Sunday, we finally got a chance to hit the Long Beach standard, Subtract on the Pier. Every single one of these day-into-night bookings are special, but coming from Hollywood can be a schlep. Which speaks all the more to the reputation of this party- people will drive up to an hour from Long Beach to be here. Anton Tumas transforms an industrial-area restaurant parking lot into a place that seems magical. The sunset through the chain link fence, the light dancing on the water contrasted against rusty boats and black tar, feel otherworldly. Tumas warmed up in the brightest hours, and the Burners and alike filtered in. Death on the Balcony got everyone swaying in the sunset. YokoO transition from more mellow grooves to a sexy, alien vibe which only got more fun when Tumas joined him as Acid Grandpa. Whoops went up into the crowd, and it was packed until the very end. Actual Halloween fell on a Tuesday, which coincides with our favorite weekly, Temple Tuesdays. It seemed that all our favorite people took off Wednesday, or were prepared to have it ruined, because Pattern Bar was packed to the brim. Lots of beautiful people with creative costumes packed the dance floor from beginning to end. MSVG started the night off for the early birds, who were smart to stake their claim at a seat and get in on Pattern Bar’s evening happy hour. Duo Divine Minds in Time then heated things up. Even in Los Angeles’ notorious late crowd, it seems everyone wanted to get as much costumed dancing time as possible and knew this was the place to do it. Silky then closed it out, bringing the symbiotic energy in the place to a peak. Most people didn’t want to leave when things shut down at 2 a.m.- which is great, because Temple Tuesdays had a private afterhours for attendees which included Arivi, who has been popping up more and more at local bookings- which we are quite happy about. Halloween Halloween in LA: Temple Tuesdays All In all, Los Angeles Halloween hit it out of the park with these offerings.