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Behind the Beat: Loco Dice

Friday, October 30, 2015
Josh Habursky

Sundays usually consist of rest and relaxation with the possible exception of one too many mimosas at brunch. However, in DC the party doesn’t stop on any Sunday with Soundcheck DC Afterglow that brings top DJs and producers to the K Street venue at the tail end of the weekend. We recently caught up with top producer Loco Dice at a session of Afterglow for a short interview. The German DJ and electronic music producer was nicknamed Dice, which originates from a childhood hobby of collecting dice and playing backgammon with his grandfather. Dice's family was from Tunisia, but he was born in Dusseldorf, Germany. The term “Loco”, the Spanish word for “crazy”, was added years later when management at a club in Ibiza was yelling at the DJ to come down from a roof after an especially wild performance at a club. The onlookers kept yelling “Loco Dice” and the creative name combination stuck. Loco Dice got his start in music as a hip-hop DJ and rapper, which continues to influence his unique style today. Loco Dice describes his style as “electronic Chicago house with the roughness of Detroit” and heavy dose of sub-bass. Loco Dice admits that this description accurately reflects his new LP that will be released on October 30th, Underground Suicide. Loco Dice said that everything with this project clicked. He worked with some of his older friends in a studio in Dusseldorf where his head and his heart were both in the music. In the interview with Loco Dice, he displayed creativity, a sense of purpose, and an extreme appreciation for his craft of music production and the fans that support him. When asked about his favorite venues and where he prefers to preform between clubs and festivals, he said that he is “blessed to play in different environments” and the variety of cities, new sounds systems, and crowds are highlights of being a DJ. He enjoys playing at every venue the same and likes not having to work behind a desk on Wall Street where he can truly be creative. I asked the customary question of “what is the most essential accessory for a DJ or what defines his style watch, sneakers, hat, or sunglasses? ” Loco Dice choose all of the above, but said that he doesn’t wear sunglasses, but will wear his hat lower below his eyes. Outside of being a DJ and producing music, Loco Dice enjoys sports like Muay Thai and watching soccer. Loco Dice started off 2015 with a 24 hour set at Club Space in Miami where he said that he never looked at the time once during the crazy night and kept going as he fed off the energy of the crowd who was driving the quality of the show. I asked if he planned to start of 2016 with another 24 hour set and he admitted that long sets just happen and that they are not planned. Loco Dice prefers to focus on the present and does not plan out his sets in advance and does not look far into the future. Focusing on the present allows the true artistic nature to come out in each of his performances. Two recent tracks give you a flavor for his style.

Sending This Out (feat. Just Blaze)

Keep It Low (feat. Chris Liebing)

Loco Dice showcased his talents during the show at Soundcheck and took full advantage of the 80K Watts of sound at the venue. A Loco Dice live performance is a must for enthusiast that appreciates blended genres and eclectic underground style. Loco Dice will be performing in Europe during November. For a full list of tour information visit his website.