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Who is Lifelike?

Thursday, January 23, 2014
Martin Smith


You may have seen this artist's name before, hiding cleverly somewhere on the interwebz inside the title of some beastly track....wait, that's the one----Discopolis! Hopefully you've at least acknowledged the music video sometime while scrolling through track after track on the YouTube. Yeah, I'm talking about this Euro gem: You see how you paid virtually no attention at all to the artists' who created this godly track? It's okay, a music video like that could make even your grandpa interested in house music. But, we're here to discuss the nu-disco artist Lifelike, who most likely had his paws on more than just the music in the clip above. This elusive French producer has a lot of work out there---most of it you've probably never heard. Maybe it's because he has yet to do any tracks with major artists until two years ago. His first single featuring a big named producer, A-Trak, was released in 2012---"Don't Stop." After this track was released on the Kitsune label, more were supposed to follow suit as part of an entire debut album. Here we are in 2014, with no album to show. Maybe this was just a two-year teaser, and it will show up in a few months? Besides the new mystery album coming out, the man has some stellar music already out there. Check out these old, but nu tunes that will get you stoked for future releases from our covert French producer Lifelike. Lifelike- So Electric

Lifelike- Motion

Lifelike- Night Patrol

This last one was just released in 2013, the newest EP he has to date.