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Let Sound Remedy, Illenium and King Deco Spiral Your Worries Away

Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Alex Zimmerman

Just wow… that’s all I can say. If you thought Sound Remedy and Illenium couldn’t get any better, the two decide to join forces and put out a heart-shattering, tear-making, explosion of bass that restores the soul in the genre. “Spirals” matches the emotional notes created by both producers and leaves the listener breathless. Make sure to catch your breath and then press play.

Sound Remedy & Illenium - Spirals (feat. King Deco) 

The vocals from King Deco are beautiful enough to cause anyone to cry, but the feels don’t stop there. Sound Remedy and Illenium create an emotional bass drop that will take you away from your worldly problems and send you to the happiest place you can possibly think. Close your eyes, turn the music up and let it transport you away. Forget about your worries, your plans, anything stressing you out, this song will solve all your problems. Nick Miller (Illenium) and Sound Remedy have been releasing stellar remixes and originals recently in the melodic dubstep genre, so it was only a matter of time before they hooked up for a collaboration. Both have been at the top of their game recently and only further the growing careers of both artists with “Spirals.” Both artists have live sets coming up at some of the best summer festivals including Electric Forest, Camp Bisco and Dancefestopia along with sets across the country so get your tickets now to see the new age of bass. You won’t want to miss these two. Purchase the tune now from iTunes and give it a heart on Hype Machine along with a like on SoundCloud. If you don’t follow these artists yet, you are doing everything wrong (seriously, though, you need to follow these two.) Sound Remedy has one of the best Twitters out there and Illenium loves to point his fans to some of his favorite music at the moment. Check them both out and click play for the 8th time on “Spirals.” This is such a great song.