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Let Kasbo Take You a “World Away” with New Single

Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Alex Zimmerman

Well this was unexpected. Fresh off a free release of his Umbrella Club EP, Kasbo is back releasing his newest track “World Away” as the fifth release on Odesza’s Foreign Family Collective. Following in similar style, Kasbo combines his future bass sound with a smooth Odesza-esque melody fit for a late night drive, or at any point in general. Listen to it now below.

Kasbo – World Away

It takes Kasbo 10 seconds to hook me in and from then on, it only gets better. The intricate details involved in every second, the combination of chopped vocals and smooth synth give it the Odesza feel and then the drop hits. I never want this drop to end. The crescendo-ing notes hit all the feels as the vocals become even more chopped sending your mind into the coolest tailspin possible. You might want to hold onto something as Kasbo whisks you away with each note. Kasbo may not be a part of Odesza but the Swedish native definitely took a note out of the duo’s book as “World Away” could easily be mistaken for an original from them. The Foreign Family Collective is steadily gaining ground, as Odesza becomes more than just a producing duo, but a taste maker for the future. Obviously, they think Kasbo will be a part of it, and after hearing “World Away” I can’t wait for more releases from him. Kasbo world away pictureIf you haven’t heard of Kasbo yet, this is a great time to get acquainted because he is on the rise. Being noticed by one of the best acts out currently (and no, the DJ Mag top 100 is not an accurate description of best acts) is no small feat, especially from this duo. Kasbo released his newest EP Umbrella Club not 10 days ago and it is definitely worth the free pick-up. Give Kasbo a follow on his SoundCloud and Twitter and make sure to like him on Facebook. Check out the Foreign Family Collective for more releases from lesser known artists and purchase “World Away” now from iTunes. You are going to want this one. If you are going to Hard Day of the Dead, make sure to check him out as he makes his USA debut.