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Check out the NEW episode of Lazy Sundays! Lazy Sundays 38 features a trance classic from Tiesto & Ferry Corsten, sets from Paul Van Dyk and Paco Osuna, and music from Avicii, Pretty Lights, Deep Dish and more. Let's get busy, yeah, who's with me?  

Pretty Lights – Gold Coast Hustle (Original Mix)

We kick Lazy Sundays off this week with a track from my annual winter Pretty Lights binge. 'Gold Coast Hustle' has been doing it for me lately.  

Deep Dish – Stay Gold (Original Mix)

This Deep Dish gem was recently revived again in Hot Since 82's End Of The Night Jams compilation. 'Stay Gold' was released back in 1996 on Deconstruction Records. It was again released back in 2009 under Global Underground. There is a well-known vocal mix that was released in 1998, 'The Future Of The Future (Stay Gold)' featuring Everything But The Girl. Yes, Everything But The Girl. The voice behind 'Missing'.  

Paco Osuna - Space Ibiza Closing Party 2013

This has been my go-to set all week. I wanted to share it with all of you.  

Old School Fire: David Guetta - Love Is Gone (Fred Rister & Joachim Garraud Remix) (Featuring Chris Willis)

You might not be a fan of David Guetta nowadays, but it's hard to argue that 'Love Is Gone' is anything but a feel good, nostalgic pipe dream.  

Kaimo K – 84 (Original Mix)

A feeling that cannot be described in words. Uplifting trance at its finest....  

Paul Van Dyk - Live At Godskitchen Global Gathering 2007 (BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix)

This is an extremely rare set, as I was only able to find this on YouTube. I have never paid Van Dyk much attention before since I always have a ton of music on my plate at all times. This set alone has motivated me to dig up all of his older sets to wrap my head around why Van Dyk was named the World's No. 1 DJ in both 2005 and 2006, as well as being voted the No. 1 DJ of all time by DJ Mag in 2013.  

Gary Beck – Round Your Place (Original Mix)

Gary Beck is by far one of the most prolific and inventive techno producers in the current landscape of Electronic Dance Music. If you haven't heard Beck's sound before, 'Round Your Place' is the perfect start.  

Old School Fire: Vimana (Tiesto & Ferry Corsten) – We Came (Original Mix)

One of the trance classics. Tiesto and Ferry Corsten teamed up back in 1999 for their "Vimana" project, and released 'We Came' on Black Hole Recordings. Long live the old days....  

Avicii – Fade Into Darkness (Vocal Mix)

"Nothing to fear but fear itself We'll be okay just keep the faith And we won't fade into darkness Fade into darkness No, we won't fade into darkness Fade into darkness"   Thanks for joining me for another Lazy Sundays! Take it easy this week.