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Laszlo Comes Full Circle in “Sphere”

Tuesday, July 05, 2016
Alex Zimmerman

After a six month hiatus, Norwegian producer Laszlo is back again on Monstercat with “Sphere,” a unique track experimenting with elements of house, breakbeat and a flair of video games. This is quite different from his previous track “Home” and his Closer EP, but that isn't a bad thing.

Laszlo - Sphere

I’ll have to be honest here, at first I wasn't thrilled about this change of pace for Laszlo. The Closer EP was one of my favorites last year and after my first listen to “Sphere,” I wasn’t impressed. Maybe “impressed” isn’t the right word…maybe more like “enthused.” I just couldn’t wrap my head around the change between the track “Closer” with it’s Worlds-esque emotion, and “Sphere,” a track that…wait, a minute, this is technical genius. The melody's intricate accents fit with the quicker-paced bass beat showing Laszlo’s stroke of genius throughout the track. Little motifs pan through your headphones, creating a spherical sound spectrum to immerse yourself into. Incorporating difficult and strange rhythms into what seems like every 8 count, the young producer turned this fan skeptic into an obsessed fanatic playing this track every day. His Twitter is normally littered with typical artist things about tracks, memes and of course his obsession with video games but right before the release of “Sphere” a change of tone appeared. Offering an inside look into the thoughts of a producer, we see his struggle of being a perfectionist, trying to stack his music up against others to no avail. As a music writer, I find myself stuck in these ruts as well. I find myself stacking my work against other articles that have thousands of views, shares and litter my news feed on Facebook. Sometimes you feel like this won’t ever pass, you worry that this is just the way it feels all the time until something changes in your brain. Maybe you stop caring, maybe you realize that it’s unhealthy to feel that way, maybe something finally clicks, I don’t know; but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Laszlo finally felt that and thus "Sphere" was created. With Laszlo back in full force, I’m excited to see where he goes next. He shows in “Sphere” that he has the technical prowess to take electronic music to the next level. With him on the Monstercat imprint as well, I wouldn't be surprised if something even bigger comes out of him, so watch out for it. Follow Laszlo on social media to keep up to date with his thoughts and more and check out his website to get “Sphere” now for free. Stay up to date on the latest Monstercat news by checking them out as well. Listen to "Sphere" and let us know on Twitter what you think about it. (@OnlyTheBeatEDM)

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