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L.A.'s Minimal Effort Halloween: Top Three Must-See Sets

Thursday, October 27, 2016
Dawn Runge

Underrated Presents' Minimal Effort parties have exploded in popularity, as marked by the newest venue for the event, Los Angeles Center Studios. Capacity for the party has increased ten-fold. The 10-hour, day-into-night event draws cerebral global and local acts. It will likely also bring a more mature crowd than Escape Psycho Circus, offering a more relaxed environment to get weird. Full line-up and details for Minimal Effort Halloween. Tiga is making his L.A. debut of his live set. Beloved Steve Bug will undoubtedly please. Coyu will bring all those kitties to the dance floor (while also still supporting his mission). With 24 quality DJs/producers in total, it'll be hard to decide exactly where I'll be. However, these are the three acts I'm looking forward to the most.

1) Mark Farina

It's easy to overlook this name when scanning Minimal Effort's headliners. I'll admit, he wasn't the first name that drew me to the event. Why? Sometimes we forget the great things in front of us, while focusing on those acts that don't make to the U.S. quite as often. Farina, by comparison, is promoting the 25th year of his Mushroom Jazz compilation and is touring extensively here to promote it. But to ignore this Chicago-bred powerhouse would be a grave set-selection error. Some of my first introductions to house were sultry Chicago anthems. Farina's ability to weave in my favorite classic jams like Frankie Knuckle's "Baby Wants to Ride" with on-trend deep house productions of his own guarantee a quality show.

Traxsource LIVE! #87 with Mark Farina, Hosted By Wendy Escobar

2) Edu Imbernon

While Coyu is a star in his own right, he has an eye for teaming up with new talent. Case in point: Edu Imbernon. Imbernon was 20 when he partnered with Coyu for "El Baile Alemán", which won "Best Underground Track of the Year" on Beatport in 2009. Imbernon shortly after created his own imprint, Eklektisch. His sets have definitely matured, with a clear, deep, melodic journey from beginning to end. The hip twisting Spanish rhythms make an appearance, but with acid peaks and sassy bells adding depth.

Edu Imbernon live @ The BPM Festival 2016

3) Satori: Live

Satori brings less ass-shaking and more introspection with his sexy playa vibes. Sampling sermons, Indian mandolin riffs and old blues moans, Satori plays the part of the pied piper in his feathered hat. He grabs the attention of the listener, and hypnotizes the crowd with an ebb and flow style. I have a feeling that many will stop in at his set thinking they may be getting a bit of relaxation, only to find themselves undulating to the building frenzy with the rest of the crowd.

Satori - DHA Buiten Westen LIVE Podcast #007

Minimal Effort starts at 4 PM on Saturday, October 29, 2016. There are very few tickets still available. Head over to their website to get one before they are gone! Hustle quickly, my dance floor friends.

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